Best Personal Finance Blogs in Singapore and Asia

Best Personal Finance Blogs in Singapore and Asia

by March 6, 2018

Whether you are looking to save up for your dream house or start a small business, these personal finance bloggers in Asia will teach you everything you need to know about budgeting, smart-savings. investing, as well as the latest trends in digital finance.

Here are ten interesting financial and personal finance blogs from Singapore and Asia.


MoneySmart (Singapore)

MoneySmartSingapore’s popular MoneySmart blog provides readers with tips, tricks, news, reviews and commentary on all things money related. Articles are written in a style to amuse, entertain and enlighten.

Founded in 2009, MoneySmart is an online comparison platform for loans, insurance products and credit cards that aims to help locals make better financial decisions. The company aggregates and consolidates product information to a single platform for comparison that’s personalized to user’s unique consumer profile. (Hong Kong) MoneySmart, is a financial comparison platform. The platform, owned and operated by CompareAsiaGroup, helps clients understand various financial products in the Hong Kong market.

The company maintains a blog providing detailed information regarding a range of financial products and services, comparison articles for credit cards, digital wallets, and insurance products, as well as guides to open bank accounts in Hong Kong, save money, among other topics.


Ready To Be Rich (Philippines)

Ready to be RichReady To Be Rich is a blog about business, investments and personal finance, and one of the most popular ones covering these topics in the Philippines. Fitz Villafuerte, the writer, is a Filipino entrepreneur, an investor and a Registered Financial Planner.

The blog aims to guide young working professionals towards financial freedom. It has undoubtedly established itself as a helpful and reliable resource of tips and informative discussions on business, investments, personal finance, and others.


MoneyExcel (India)

moneyexcelMoneyExcel is a covers personal finance, investment, financial planning, insurance, real estate, stock market and other financial products. Written by Raviraj and Shitanshu, the blog has been named one of the top 10 blogs in India.

The blog features articles that aim to help readers in “achieving excellence for money.” It offers guides to investing, scaling up a business, and shares about the latest, most innovative business ideas in India. It also features interviews of finance professionals.


TheWealthWisher (India)

TheWealthWisherTheWealthWisher is another leading personal finance blog in India. The blog aims to educate readers about personal finance and self-development. The writer, Madhupam Krishna, is a personal finance professional with 16 years of experience and a SEBI Registered Investment Advisor (RIA).

Topics covered in TheWealthWisher include investments, stocks, mutual funds, retirement, tax, loans, insurance, fixed income investing and much more.


SG Budget Babe (Singapore)

SG Budget Babe is a blog by local Singaporean Fiona Cher. Cher writes about Singaporean issues including rising living costs, personal finance, investing, career development, school, as well as beauty and lifestyle trends with a finance slant.

Cher claims she is “a strong believer of living a fulfilling life without having to spend excessively,” and says she wants “to empower more young Singaporeans to become savvy in their own finances.”

Her blog include product reviews, interviews, and recommendations on cost-effective and value-for-money solutions.


Dollars and Sense (Singapore), not to be confounded with Dollars and Sense the American print magazine, is a regional digital publisher that aims to help people make better financial decisions.

The platform provides insights for like-minded individuals to stay informed on financial matters through timely and relevant content pieces.

Recent topics covered include for instance bitcoin’s price movements, what the Singapore-Malaysia trading link means for investors, and the Singapore Budget 2018, among others.


The New Savvy (Singapore)

The New Savvy is a financial and career platform in Asia that aims to empower women to achieve “financial happiness.” The blog covers various topics from lifestyle, beauty and fashion, to investing, credit and insurance products.

It advocates greater awareness and healthier financial habits to women by providing resources and information that intends to demystify finance and spur financial consciousness.

The New Savvy was founded in 2015 by former UOB banker Anna Haotanto. As of April 2017, the platform garnered over 143,000 visitors a month.


Seedly (Singapore)

Seedly is a personal finance startup based in Singapore primarily known for its free expense tracker. The app syncs and imports transactions automatically from DBS, POSB, OCBC, UOB, Standard Chartered, Citibank, American Express (AMEX) banks and credit card, to give users a full picture of their finances.

Seedly also has a product review platform that allows users to share their experience with financial services providers, whether that’s a peer-to-peer lending platform, a financial institution, or a brokerage firm.

The company maintains a popular blog which provides information and tips on how to save money, advises on the best telco plans, retirement funds, insurance products, and more.


Ringgit Oh Ringgit (Malaysia)

Ringgit Oh Ringgit is one of the very few financial blogs from Malaysia. It follows the personal finance journey of Millennial Malaysian Suraya.

In her blog, Suraya covers anything from saving, spending to investing and safeguarding, with a focus on less consumerism and smart saving.

Latest posts include a guide to what to do when we are tight with money, a guide for Malaysian freelancers on how to get clients, fundraising platforms for NGOs and budget traveling.


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