SkillsFuture Singapore to train Prudential’s employees in Future Skillsets

SkillsFuture Singapore to train Prudential’s employees in Future Skillsets

by April 18, 2018

Prudential Singapore is partnering SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG) to help its employees acquire the skillsets needed to meet the future demands of the insurance industry.

Prudential SingaporeAs part of the partnership, employees will have access to the SkillsFuture Series of courses curated for the insurance sector. They will be trained in innovation, entrepreneurship, data analytics, social media and cyber security, among other areas.

The tie-up with SSG complements Prudential’s existing set of training courses which are designed to enhance the skillsets of its employees.

Mr Wilf Blackburn, CEO, Prudential Singapore said that last year the company invested more than 25,000 hours in training employees in leadership skills, design thinking, innovation and digital skills.

In addition, the company’s internal mobility programme and commitment-free part-time education sponsorships enable employees to build new competencies while on the job and to forge new career paths within the organisation.

Wilf Blackburn, CEO, Prudential Singapore

Wilf Blackburn, CEO, Prudential Singapore

“We encourage everyone at Prudential to learn, explore and experiment as part of our innovation culture,”

said Mr. Blackburn.

“Investing in capabilities-building for our people is core to the success of Prudential and the insurance industry. By partnering with SkillsFuture, we are further helping our people to prepare themselves for future roles in the digital economy so they can remain relevant and continue serving the evolving needs of our customers.”

Chief Executive of SSG, Mr Ng Cher Pong said,

“Strong employer support and involvement is critical in ensuring that our workforce stays relevant to the current and future needs of the economy. SSG has been intensifying our efforts to engage the employers. Hence, we are very encouraged by Prudential’s initiative to invest in their employees’ training through the various SkillsFuture programmes, and we hope to see more employers adopt this proactive approach to skills upgrading.”

As a start, Prudential will enrol 1,000 employees, Financial Consultants and customers in SkillsFuture Advice. At the workshop, they will receive useful information about SkillsFuture and how they can tap on the various resources and tools for their skills upgrading needs and career planning.

Among the first to attend was Ms. Gerardine Lim, an employee from Prudential’s customer interaction and support division.

As the customer support lead for Prudential’s intelligent chat-bot, askPRU, Ms. Lim has had to build new competencies in user experience design, mobile application development and data analytics, in order to continue delivering as her role expands. She said she finds the list of training courses offered by the SkillsFuture Series highly beneficial in her area of work.

“It is great to know there are courses I can access to upgrade my skillset on the job. Through the SkillsFuture Series of training courses, I can now upskill myself in areas such as data analysis, data visualisation and coding as well as take on leadership training in project management and strategic thinking,”

said Ms. Lim.

“To stay relevant in my role, it is necessary to keep up with emerging technologies and to understand the changing customer needs.”

Prudential will also identify employees who are not as digitally savvy and encourage them to undergo the SkillsFuture for Digital Workplace programme. Employees can pick up foundational digital skills to prepare for the future economy, understand emerging technologies and their impact on work, and interpret and use data.

Prudential employees explore SkillsFuture courses together with Wilf Blackburn, CEO, Prudential Singapore and Ng Cher Pong, CEO, SkillsFuture Singapore

Prudential employees explore SkillsFuture courses together with Wilf Blackburn, CEO, Prudential Singapore and Ng Cher Pong, CEO, SkillsFuture Singapore

Getting its workforce future-fit

Prudential’s partnership with SSG is part of a larger transformation drive by the company to make work smarter and make insurance simpler and more accessible using technology. The company’s S$70 million technology investment in 2017 resulted in the development of several innovative solutions, such as the industry-first e-claims solution and a chat-bot powered by artificial intelligence.

These solutions have helped reduce manual processes and repetitive tasks, enabling Prudential’s employees and Financial Consultants to spend more time on higher-value work.