Korean Startups Competing at Runway to RISE

Korean Startups Competing at Runway to RISE

by June 6, 2018

Runway to RISE Seoul Pitch Competition will be hosted by 500v2 at Google’s Campus Seoul on June 14th. The Korean startups competing have been announced.

This will be the first time RISE has come to Seoul. Runway to RISE travels to 8 cities in Asia holding pitch competitions.

1 winner will be selected from each city to come to RISE to compete and represent their country against the other 7 teams.  The winner at RISE Hong Kong will win an Alpha stand at Web Summit in Lisbon in November.

Runway to RISE Seoul will offer entrepreneurs in Korea a chance to meet other entrepreneurs, listen to panel talks, and vote for the Korean startups pitching at the event.  The winner at Runway to RISE Seoul will receive:

  • 3 free tickets to RISE
  • 1-day ALPHA exhibition stand
  • Investor meetups
  • Access to RISE’s mentor/investor database
  • Access to the exhibition floor for all 3 days
  • Access to workshops, pub crawls, and all talks
  • Spot to pitch on the BREAKTHROUGH stage

So who will win?  Here are the Korean Startups competing at Runway to RISE Seoul

Open Education

Open Education

Open Education develops educational games that help build practical learning skills such as logical reasoning, short & long term memory, reading fluency, listening comprehension, problem solving and visual processing.  They have the whole family in mind to help everyone at whatever language level or learning style.  Their products target young learners from as early as kindergarten through elementary school in an effort to make learning fun and interactive for the whole family.



Cashmallow offers a minimal 1% service charge for all currency exchanges.  Users will be able to exchange currencies anywhere and anytime via their mobile phones.  They offer 7 day customer support.  They also have affiliate stores where you can apply for cash withdrawal.  Local currencies are withdrawn without additional service fees.  Lastly Cashmallow users can pay with a QR code scan at zero extra charge.



Ziktalk is a new way to practice language with native speakers anytime and anywhere.  Ziktalk is a mobile app which lets language learners practice with native speakers from all around the world.  Native speakers can teach using the live video through their smartphones.  Language teachers are available 24 hours a day in all time zones.  Therefore no matter where you are you can meet with native speakers all over the world.



Hauzd looks to change the property-buying experience.  No matter if it’s a residential or commercial project, Hauzd offers an amazing real time user experience by creating an interactive 3D sales solution.  No programming is required.  Users just focus on the 3D modelling and Hauzd takes care of the rest.  Make unique presentations you can explore, manipulate, rotate, and zoom.  Now there is no need to have one code team for each platform.


ReziRezi helps students, professionals, and global job seekers build a resume to pass hiring systems quickly and easily.  They offer a resume generator that is free, fast, and simple, making it easy to create new resumes without hassle.  Rezi offers 3 resume templates formatted to pass ATS (Applicant Tracking Systems) hiring systems.  ATS is used by 90% of large corporations.  They also help with formatting and optimizing content to make sure your resume passes the ATS standards.



Puerlla is a direct-to-consumer e-commerce company that has compete control over the quality and price of their own products.  They have great partnerships to offer the best price possible.  All cost breakdowns can be seen for each item on their product page.  Low prices are possible because there are no retail markups, no offline stores, no import costs, and no expensive ad expenses.  All items are made by artisans and designers based in Seoul.



STRIX offers a Virtual Power Plant (VPP) platform that manages distributed energy resources (DER).  They offer a microgrid which is a next generation power system that applies modern technology to the traditional unidirectional power grid.  Users are connected to the system by applying IoT devices and can utilize their DERs with minimum cost and time.  STRIX connects to customer’s DERs and energy market to monitor and provide real-time data.  Based on the customer’s preference, their system automatically operates their assets to efficiently consume electricity.



Cloudbric is a decentralized universal security platform that is comprised of three security components that will change the way you look at cybersecurity forever through the power of the blockchain.  One of those components will feature a CLB token rewards system for users that help contribute to the growth and advancement of Cloudbric’s new universal security ecosystem.


Featured image via Pixabay

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