Indorse Partners with DREAM to Verify Reputations Through Blockchain and AI

Indorse Partners with DREAM to Verify Reputations Through Blockchain and AI

by June 22, 2018

Indorse, a decentralized social network for professionals, has announced a partnership with DREAM, a marketplace for high-end blockchain talent.

The collaboration aims to provide verification for users’ reputations through the creation of certifiable profiles on both platforms, as well as enabling entrepreneurs to raise funding and grow their teams.

Gaurang Torvekar, Indorse Co-founder and CEO said:

Gaurang Torvekar

Gaurang Torvekar

“One of the most challenging obstacles in establishing a business is raising the required funds to make that vision a reality while also building a talented team.

This partnership will not only provide job seekers with portable online profiles, but also assist startups in raising the capital required to get off the ground and expand their teams. Blockchain technology is changing the landscape of freelancing communities, and this partnership between Indorse and DREAM will feed into this ecosystem and be the go-to platforms for people to check the credentials of freelancers before hiring them.”

Through this partnership, individuals can showcase their reputation, which has been verified by Indorse, across a number of networks, which will add further credibility when searching for employment or establishing a new business venture. Powered by artificial intelligence, DREAM will draw from Indorse’s skills validator and, in turn, the ratings and performance from DREAM will enhance the claims on an Indorse profile. Both platforms offer users full control over their own data as they build their professional profiles and share skills on their own personalized platform.

Striving to disrupt the $1.5 trillion global gig economy, DREAM is the world’s first blockchain talent agency that enables organisations worldwide to hire high-end, experienced blockchain freelancers, from coders to marketers, and pay both their fee and the freelancers themselves in bitcoin and, in future, DREAM tokens via Moneo’s secure, escrowed payments platform. DREAM, which is part of Asia’s leading accelerator Chinaccelerator, aims to solve the key issues that entrepreneurs and projects face such as building teams, validating ideas, and raising funding.

To underpin the strength of the partnership, both parties are launching the world’s first combined airdrop to grow their communities.

Gaurang Torvekar added,

“This initiative will provide individuals with the support needed to place themselves at the forefront of incredibly competitive industries. Having handled thousands of projects collectively worth over $8 million USD and received VC investment from SOSV and Artesian, DREAM is a technologically progressive platform that matches hand-picked blockchain talent with the most innovative companies, and we are proud to be collaborating with such a company.”

Reputation is everything, and in a world of deliberate misinformation and manipulable content, anyone can position themselves as an expert.

The ability to verify claims and build a credible reputation is paramount when building a team and growing a business, which is why both parties will benefit hugely from this partnership, further tackling the ongoing issue of embellished résumés and the exaggeration of skills in today’s employment market.”

Having launched its MVP on November 28, 2017, just two months after raising $9 million USD in its token sale, Indorse presents a platform where users can build their profiles and profit from their reputation by sharing data and evaluating the claims of other users. Similar to the Proof of Stake mechanism, the Indorse Score allows moderators to stake their reputation on a claim or indorsement, offering users an easy way to earn rewards through a token-based system.

Gaurang Torvekar concluded,

“This partnership showcases the potential that blockchain technology and artificial intelligence have in cultivating an ecosystem of creativity, a community built on trust, and a network of opportunity.”


Featured image via Pixabay