29 Startups Join DBS Singapore HotSpot Pre-Accelerator Programme 2016

29 Startups Join DBS Singapore HotSpot Pre-Accelerator Programme 2016

by May 10, 2016

DBS announced a shortlist of 29 Singapore (Fintech) Startups making their way through over 250 applications to enroll in the first phase of HotSpot.

HotSpot is a programme designed to cultivate entrepreneurship in Singapore through experimentation, mentorship and training. An award of $S25,000 for 0% equity is offered, along with expert mentorship, pitching opportunities to investors and accelerators, and a collaborative co-working space and meeting facilities. It helps startups to turn ideas into action, and make the impossible, possible.

8 from these startups later will be selected to join HotSpot Pre-Accelerator Programme on August the 1st, where the focus will be on product development and pitch presentation.

Meet the 29 teams of Phase 1 of DBS HotSpot 2016:

Category: Financial

  • AG Marvin: an online independent financial advisory platform that seeks to disrupt the distribution of insurance and other financial products.
  • O2O: a financial marketplace connecting investors with advisors and portfolio managers/funds, enabling them to invest with openness through trade replication and automated intelligent advisory.
  • Project PANA: a cloud-based tool that helps fund managers and wealth advisors communicate better with their clients.
  • Seedly: a Singapore FinTech start-up, is building a simplified personal finance platform to help Millennial adults manage their budgets and expenses automatically.

seedly personal finance

(from seedly.sg)

  • Toucan: a mobile shopping app that lets people shop on credit without a credit card.


(from Toucan Singapore)

Category: eCommerce

  • Cafebond offers a web and mobile platform that connects coffee lovers with the best coffee brands in the world, so you can taste and buy unique specialty coffee beans and blends from roaster-owned cafes from London to Melbourne, Singapore to Beijing, in one easy checkout process.

(Image: from CrunchBase)

  • findR: a platform that will help you find items you have lost, by seamlessly connecting you to people who may have found them.
  • FoodRazor: a platform for F&B operators to manage purchase orders and invoices.

(from foodrazor.com)

  • Inncee is an analytics service that analyses and transforms eCommerce data into actionable insights that can be used to improve online revenue.
  • Poptick: Poptick looks at the free capacity in cinemas and provides the platform and channel to increase the ticket sales volume.
  • SoVou: a platform that aims to optimise how gift vouchers are managed, improving operational efficiency.

sovou singapore
(from SoVou.com)

Category: Medical

  • medXcess simplifies your nursing and healthcare needs.

medXcess Singapore
(From medXcess Facebook)

  • Point Academy: an interface that connects physicians with global renowned experts for personalised continuing medical mentorship programme in various specialties.
  • SageCare: solves immobility with technological rehabilitation services for Asia’s aging population.

Category: Real Estate & Hospitality

  • BelowVal: a portal for buyers and sellers of only urgent sale properties.

dbs hotspot

  • myNest: a mobile platform that makes sourcing of home designs and renovators joyful through the use of data analytics.

mynest singapore

(from MyNest Facebook)

  • MyPropp helps property investors understand their real estate portfolio better – to track and monitor what they are actually making and what their portfolio is worth. MyPropp is user-friendly and gives investors the information they need to make informed decisions at their fingertips.

mypropp singapore
(From mypropp.com)

  • Native: They created WELCOME, the world’s first hotel personalisation app that learns as you stay to create uplifting and individualised experiences.
  • Pegaxis: a B2B marketplace for professional property managers to procure property-related services for residential and commercial properties.

pegaxis singapore
(from Pegaxis Facebook)

Category: Travel

  • GetKobe: the one-stop social travel companion for millennials all around the world.

getkobe singapore
(From getkobe.com)

  • Telepod: “Bring places closer than you think”.
  • Travose simplifies travel planning by recommending destinations matching your budget and profile.

Category: Smart City & Hardware

  • AIRIS aims to develop an aggregation and analytics platform for environmental data that provides personal insights into the layperson’s daily living.
  • Muriv: a system that collects data from a broad variety of sensors and aggregates the data to provide business intelligence.

muriv singapore
(from muriv.com)

  • RezaNinja produces world’s first dual mode (gun and sword) gadget for Laser Tag, PC/console and augmented/ virtual reality gaming.

(Image Source)

Category: P2P Platforms

  • CO.OP:  the first in Singapore to offer a platform that brings on-demand and quality child-caring services for families and convenience for caregivers.
  • JEY enables delivery for the community by the community.

Category: Advertising

      • SushiVid helps brands to find, hire and work with YouTubers for video campaigns.

sushivid singapore
(From sushivid.com)

Category: Productivity

    • Flide automates your slide design so you can save time and better focus on your content.