NETS Releases Mobile App That Lets You Generate Payment QRs On The Fly

NETS Releases Mobile App That Lets You Generate Payment QRs On The Fly

by October 1, 2018

NETS just launched an app that allows businesses to generate a NETS QR code to accept payments on the spot, without the need to issue an invoice.

Designed for hawkers, delivery and personal service merchants such as handymen,  NETSBiz, therefore, allows merchants to accept payments on-the-go, without sacrificing the need to keep track on any payments made doing so.

NETSBiz also notifies merchants of successful QR code payment transactions in real-time via their mobile phone so that managers can track payments made by their servicemen. Store owners can also add users to their NETSBiz account so that staff at individual outlets are also notified of successful payments without having to check with their managers.

The availability of NETSBiz allows any on-site staff or delivery personnel to collect payment with their deliveries, without having to keep track of cash, or number of customers they collected from—which allows for a more cohesive business on the customer’s side without incurring much cost from human error.

The NETSBiz app supports SGQR code payments as well as the upcoming unified e-payments for coffee shops, hawker centres and industrial canteens.

In similar news, Maybank recently launched Maybank PayNow which allows businesses to generate QR codes on their invoices for payments