Next-Generation Social Platform Set to Expand Globally

Next-Generation Social Platform Set to Expand Globally

by January 28, 2019

Following a successful trial run in the U.S.,, a next-generation social platform empowered by innovative Internet technology and revolutionary user data sharing policy, is beginning its global rollout and aiming to land in Singapore.

Launched in 2017, is built on blockchain and AI technology for individuals and companies to connect and exchange skills and services, with an ultimate vision to become the world’s largest fully decentralized peer-to-peer network and enable more efficient interactions between people and businesses around the world.

After a trial run across four US states, has attracted 200,000 users and facilitated over 3,000 deals in the service sectors such as law, finance, taxes as well as household and garden labor. The project has secured $10 million seed funding and partnership with the organizations including Greater New York Chamber of Commerce and Yellow Cab SLSJET Management Corp.

Unlike similar platforms which gather user data for commercial purposes and charge fees, is a decentralized platform with three core values that allows each individual user to retain and benefit from the ownership of their data:

 Control: on, data is solely owned by users and cannot be used without their explicit permission. Each user has a unique access key and as a result, privacy is guaranteed. Additionally, the platform uses a unique DNA-based verification system to eliminate fake accounts, fraud and bots.

Transparency: There are no hidden costs, fees or commission on the platform. Users can have real-time direct conversations with one another to reach deals and make online payment.

Reward: Users who agree to receive advertising on the platform receive 40% of its Incentive Payment Reserve, which accounts for 25% of the total revenue generated.  

Vlad Dobrynin

Vlad Dobrynin

“By leveraging decentralized networks, power is given back to users ensuring no one can use their data without their permission. In today’s world of data driven economies, this is a radical but far-reaching step,”

said Founder & CEO Vlad Dobrynin.

“We are building a revolutionary relationship economics model which fundamentally changes how we interact online and how we trade skills and services.”

The platform generates revenue through the Humans Promotion Engine. It is based on AI-enabled complex system of smart interest vectors and prediction vectors, which can analyze all sorts of activity and data shared by users with the platform, to allow companies or individuals who want to promote their services or products to deliver messages to ideal potential clients at the right time in the right place and in the right feed. Other ways to generate revenue include freemium services for businesses and an open API for businesses wishing to connect to its database. is also using AI technology to drive the search process on the platform to let people get swift and accurate results, and building an advanced scoring system, in which the recommendations between users are based on the views of relevant individuals rather than a means-based scoring system, to make more accurately match the supply and demand of people’s skills and services.