With this New ATM by NCR, You Only Need to Wave Your Hand to Get Cash

With this New ATM by NCR, You Only Need to Wave Your Hand to Get Cash

by April 3, 2019

American banking solution vendor NCR Corporation showcased its latest range of self service banking solution recently at Money 20/20.

One of the machines in particular caught our attention.

Dubbed concept “Kelpie,” the technology allows users to complete banking requests without having to physically touch the terminal.

How NCR’s Kelpie works

When implemented with a bank, all a user needs to do is key in their transaction in their mobile banking app, hold up their palm to the ATM and take their cash.

All that is done without ever needing touch the screen and a nice little bonus is that the ATM unit does not store the users’ biometric.

Concept Kelpie, NCR, Money20/20 Asia 2019

It’s designed to recognize users’ unique palm print biometrics with the main objective of phasing out physical bank cards and booklets, and allowing users to enjoy a frictionless, connected banking experience with “the new ATMs of the future,” a spokesperson for the company told Fintech News Singapore

“The need for banks to deliver consistent and innovative services, regardless of channel, remains a top priority in today’s digitally-focused world. Consumers want access on-the-go,” said David Bebko, vice president and general manager of NCR’s new product offering.