SGX to Invest in Sequioa Backed Wealthtech SmartKarma

SGX to Invest in Sequioa Backed Wealthtech SmartKarma

by July 9, 2019

Smartkarma, the global investment research network, today announced it has received a strategic investment from Singapore Exchange (SGX). The company was also highlighted in our list of Asia’s Top 19 Wealthtech Solutions in 2019.

The investment marks the next step in ensuring a vibrant financial research ecosystem. It further underpins Singapore’s vision of serving as Asia’s centre for capital raising and enterprise financing.

Existing investors including Sequoia India and Wavemaker Partners also participated in this investment, which affirms their ongoing confidence in Smartkarma.

The strategic investment cements a joint journey of collaboration between SGX and Smartkarma. Aligning with the Monetary Authority of Singapore’s (MAS) recent announcement of the Grant for Equity Markets (GEMS) to strengthen research coverage of Singapore enterprises.

SGX will be the first exchange in the world to bring the power of this global platform to all its listed and upcoming companies, as well as global bond issuers.

SGX-listed companies and bond issuers will be the first to plug into, and take advantage of, Smartkarma’s established global network of independent analysts and investors. They will get value from connecting directly to investors and analysts, and distributing pivotal updates and information to their networks quickly and efficiently.

SGX recognises the global need of corporates to connect to institutional investors and analysts. Exchanges the world over are trying to diversify their services and exploring ways to bring more value to their companies. There is a market gap there that has only widened following regulatory developments like Europe’s MiFID II legislation.

In this evolving market, Smartkarma empowers companies with its technology platform, establishing connections, offering unique data and analytics, and promoting high-quality independent research to improve investment decision-making.

Raghav Kapoor

Raghav Kapoor

“Shifting regulations and changes in the investment research industry are affecting all parts of the ecosystem. From the very beginning, we have been working hard to address the fundamental gaps we see around us,”

says Raghav Kapoor, Co-Founder and CEO of Smartkarma.

“We are building a network that connects companies, analysts, and investors, starting from Singapore and spreading throughout the global markets. SGX shares our conviction that technological innovation is the key to navigating this new landscape, and Singapore-listed companies will be the first to experience the fruits of this labour,”

he adds.

Jon Foster

Jon Foster

“Regulatory and market developments show that enlightened corporates can no longer rely on traditional banks and brokers to manage their listing, fundraising, and shareholder relationships,”

says Jon Foster, Co-Founder and Chairman of Smartkarma.

“With new technology and open networks, like Smartkarma and SGX, it is now easier than ever for corporates to eschew these closed, expensive old-boy networks and take control.”


Chan Kum Kong

Chan Kum Kong

“Research data and information are crucial to making informed investment decisions. With the advent of technology, we see tremendous potential in this innovative platform that is adding another dimension to fundamental investment research. As SGX continues to uphold the standard and availability of research coverage through initiatives such as partnering with the Monetary Authority of Singapore on GEMS, we are also investing in new models to serve investors and companies now and in the future,”

says Chan Kum Kong, Head of Research and Retail, SGX.


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