German RISE Wealth Technologies Offers Participation in the Future of Investing

German RISE Wealth Technologies Offers Participation in the Future of Investing

by August 22, 2019

RISE Wealth Technologies’ vision is creating the future of investing to benefit from the tectonic shift in the global trillion-dollar asset management market towards AI.

RISE is convinced, that their patent-filed AI machine learning platform will fundamentally change the way that funds, investors and asset managers make investments.

RISE addresses one of the largest markets in the world – the asset management industry. An industry, with 80 trillion dollars in size, about four times the size of the US GDP, and with strong growth rates, this mega-market is about nothing else but generating returns.

Assets of extremely wealthy people, banks, funds, as well as the savings of ordinary people, are invested to generate returns by professionals. However, their performance only leads to mixed results. In this industry, more than 4,500 funds and asset managers each manage more than a billion dollars(!). More than 600 of these manage even more than $10 billion and a few are even above $50 billion.

“The most successful asset managers will be technology companies”

But times are getting harder. The flood of data is exponentially increasing, the markets and the world are changing at an alarmingly fast pace and new technologies are coming out. This is why, within the group of asset managers, the companies that use technology are experiencing the fastest growth, are receiving more and more assets to manage and are achieving the best returns. Since 2010 AI Hedge Funds have on average returned 2.7x higher profits than traditional funds.

According to RISE, the most successful asset managers will be technology companies, led by high-tech companies using artificial intelligence, and machine learning. In global financial markets, as in all other spheres of life, using computers that beat the human “computing capacity” by billions, simply produces better results. Even former Google CEO Eric Schmidt sees the biggest change in this gigantic industry:

“People have gone insane about this (r.: AI in investing), but in a good way. We are at the beginning of a new era in artificial intelligence. These technologies should benefit investing as well.”

Tech companies will soon surpass traditional financial players.

RISE AI has a two to three-year technological advantage

The RISE’s patent-pending AI platform enables investors to continuously discover, validate and implement new trading opportunities in both highly liquid and illiquid financial markets across the globe. With that RISE industrializes the work, which human financial analysts used to do manually.
The success of the trading strategies, established with the help of RISE Wealth Technologies software is based on self-learning automated, data-based algorithms. RISE AI trading strategies which are developed with the RISE AI platform are already more successful in various categories than traditional and other AI-based systems, which depend entirely on the input of numerous analysts.

According to the company’s estimates, its technological advantage over competitive technologies is two to three years.

With RISE Pro the company licenses its technology to institutional investors and with RISE Retail, retail investors can manage their crypto portfolios through the RISE App as well as monitor and analyze the performance of over 1,000 cryptocurrencies on more than 50 exchanges via the RISE Crypto Scanner.

RISE aims for the largest European STO with $120 million target volume

To achieve their ambitious vision of creating the future of investing, RISE launched their Security Token Offering on July 15, 2019. With a target volume of $120 million RISE intends to use the proceeds to grow the business and expand globally, attracting further institutional clients of retail investors, as well as extending their product offering for retail investors.

Stefan Tittel

Stefan Tittel

“AI driven investment has an enormous disruptive potential in changing the investment of the future. We are absolutely convinced that AI-based trading strategies will outperform and replace the classical investment banker”

says Stefan Tittel, CEO & Founder of Rise Wealth Technologies. With their new RSE Token they give investors the possibility to invest in the success of AI as “the next big thing in investment”.

With the STO, RISE offers a model to invest in their enterprise success. The RSE token pays out quarterly dividends from all profits that RISE generates, as well as for investors from Phase 1, a yearly payback of 8%. Furthermore, RSE holders participate in a potential IPO or sale by receiving a share of the proceeds. At the moment professional and accredited investors are able to participate with a minimum investment of 100.000 Euro in Germany or 50.000 US Dollar for investors from Switzerland and accredited investors in the US.