Crypto Exchange Huobi to Launch a USD$ 515 Blockchain Phone

Crypto Exchange Huobi to Launch a USD$ 515 Blockchain Phone

by September 5, 2019

Huobi Exchange announced that they will be launching their blockchain phone named “Acute Angle” soon.

As part of that launch, Huobi will enable Huobi Token (HT) users to buy their own Acute Angle phones using Huobi Tokens.

Currently available in China, where it was developed, they plan to launch Acute Angle across Southeast Asia by the end of Q4, 2019. Plans are underway to expand to Europe and the United States after that.

The Android-based Acute Angle claims to be built with crypto traders in mind including a programmable notification feature that alerts the user when certain market conditions are met, such as the price of a given coin rising or dropping.

In addition, the Acute Angle includes a built-in wallet app and an optional plug-in cold wallet; a wide range of pre-installed blockchain-related apps, including Huobi apps and crypto news apps; and a dedicated blockchain app store filled with a wide range of related apps and DApps.

Acute Angle is priced at USD $515 and is among the latest join the likes of Samsung and HTC in introducing blockchain phones to the market