Swiss Incubator F10 Partners PwC Singapore for Fintech Accreditation Programme

Swiss Incubator F10 Partners PwC Singapore for Fintech Accreditation Programme

by December 3, 2020

F10, a Swiss-based startup incubator and accelerator, announced that fintech startups joining its programme will be the first cohort to be evaluated through PwC Singapore’s accreditation program.

The accreditation programme aims to boost industry-wide fintech adoption. The startups will be vetted across four key areas including compliance, their business model, team talent and financials.

F10’s other corporate partners include SIX (Swiss Stock Exchange), Bank Julius Baer and R3.

Wanyi Wong PwC Singapore

Wanyi Wong

“We are excited to contribute to the F10 accelerator program. There is a focus on technology and digital transformation within the financial services sector and we hope to continue to spur innovation and strengthen Singapore’s fintech ecosystem through collaborations like these,”

said Wanyi Wong, fintech leader at PwC Singapore.

Jonas Thürig F10 Singapore

Jonas Thürig

“The fastest route to innovation lies in early collaboration between agile startups, incumbents, and investors. With PwC Singapore’s FinTech accreditation program, startups in F10’s Acceleration Program can now benefit from new ways to build trust and open doors with corporates,”

said Jonas Thürig, Head of F10 Singapore.

“We are building on the valuable gains from our first incubator earlier in 2020, which led to collaborations between our startups and corporate partners, to launch our first accelerator cohort in Singapore. I am excited and convinced that PwC Singapore’s expertise will be highly beneficial for the six selected venture teams accepted into the program,”

F10 Singapore’s new accelerator cohort includes:


Apiax aims to transform complex regulations into digital compliance rules which are accessible for everyone.

couture ai powers both collaborative development and operationalisation of AI and ML models in production at scale.


CoverGo claims to be the insurance industry’s first fully configurable, modular, no-code, enterprise-grade insurance platform to enable digital insurance transformation.


Propine is an independent digital asset custody services provider that aims to receive a Capital Markets Services License from MAS.


Signzy is an end to end digital onboarding platform to take customers multiple processes including KYC, risk modelling, digital forensics, government and private data sources.


SynctacticAI is a predictive data science platform that helps businesses turn their data sets into actionable insights.