Meet the 5 Startups Selected for Visa’s Accelerator Program

Meet the 5 Startups Selected for Visa’s Accelerator Program

by April 7, 2021

Visa announced today that they have selected five startups to be part of their first Visa Accelerator Program in Asia Pacific.

Over the next four to six months, they said that the startups will focus on creating defined commercial opportunities to collaborate on new payment solutions with Visa and its extensive network of bank and merchant partners. A key goal for the accelerator program is to support startups that have launched successful solutions in their home markets as they plan their next stage of growth.

Chris Clark VISA

Chris Clark

“Hundreds of startups came forward with outstanding ideas for new and enhanced commerce experiences, but the five participants we’ve selected truly stood out,”

said Chris Clark, regional president, Asia Pacific, Visa.

“We’re excited to work with each of the startups in our first cohort to bring their concepts to life and expand their businesses into new markets across the region.”

Here are the startups that are selected for the program:



A startup focused on open banking solutions in South East Asia



A payments solution company



A Malaysian based fintech startup focused on recurring payments



An open source payments platform for interoperability between real time payment networks



A neo banking platform for small businessses

Featured image credit: VISA