Prudential Makes Financial Push With New Wealth Offerings in Its Pulse App

Prudential Makes Financial Push With New Wealth Offerings in Its Pulse App

by July 26, 2021

Prudential Singapore has rolled out new wealth solutions on its health and wellness app Pulse by Prudential to make it simpler for everyone to begin their financial planning journey.

The insurer will first launch the wealth solutions in Singapore with plans for a roll out in other markets as the app is currently available in 11 languages across Asia and Africa.

With the new wealth features on Pulse, users will have the convenience of having both health and wealth solutions in one app.

The wealth tools called “Wealth@Pulse” enables users to seek wealth tips from Ruby, a digital assistant powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI), set and track financial goals and get access to curated content on how to save and invest for the future.

Based on the goals set, users can explore solutions from Prudential’s suite of insurance solutions in protection, savings and investment.

They can also connect to a Prudential financial consultant through the app for in-depth financial advice on how to protect and grow their wealth.

Pulse started as a health app to motivate people to stay healthy with easy-to-access preventative healthcare tools.

Today, Pulse has a suite of health solutions including an AI powered symptom checker, health assessment, and online doctor consultation service.

Users can also purchase bite-sized insurance plans on the app to get coverage for dengue, breast cancer, and prostate cancer and get complimentary coverage for side effects from a COVID 19 vaccination.

Prudential customers can access a dashboard that provides a single view of their insurance plans in protection, savings, and investment with the company.

The app was launched in Singapore in April 2020 and has crossed 260,000 downloads to date with 26 million downloads across Asia and Africa.

Dennis Tan, CEO, Prudential Singapore

Dennis Tan

Dennis Tan, CEO of Prudential Singapore said the insurer wants to enhance financial literacy and help people plan for their life goals with greater confidence using the new wealth solutions on Pulse.

“We want to partner individuals and their families in improving their wellbeing. With Pulse, we have made it easier for people to focus on their two key priorities in life – health and finances – so they can be healthier and more financially prepared for the future.”