GoTo Group Taps Google Cloud for Next Phase of Growth Following Recent Merger

GoTo Group Taps Google Cloud for Next Phase of Growth Following Recent Merger

by July 27, 2021

GoTo Group, a merger between Gojek and Tokopedia that was formed earlier this year, is tapping Google Cloud as its principal technology partner to power its next phase of growth across Southeast Asia.

The group said that it will leverage Google Cloud’s secure and scalable infrastructure, leadership in data analytics, and advanced productivity and collaboration toolset.

GoTo Group added that it will also continue to leverage Maps, YouTube, Play and Google Marketing Platform capabilities and more from Google to open up new frontiers and possibilities.

The GoTo ecosystem comprises e-commerce, on-demand and financial services, with reportedly over 100 million monthly active users, 2 million driver partners and 11 million merchant partners.

This partnership is an extension of Google Cloud’s partnership with Gojek and Tokopedia as these entities have collaborated since 2015 and 2018 respectively.

Today, Gojek uses Google Cloud to help power its advanced AI and ML platform. This enables data to be captured and analysed across Gojek’s more than 20 services including transportation, food delivery, logistics and more, connecting millions of consumers with drivers and merchants in Southeast Asia.

By unlocking the power of data science, Gojek is able to apply scalable ML models to do everything it does from optimising dispatch time and analysing driver utilisation and income, to delivering dynamic pricing and more.

Meanwhile, Tokopedia uses Google Cloud to deliver secure and frictionless shopping experience and turn new customers into return shoppers.

This includes running major sales campaigns on Google Cloud’s secure and scalable infrastructure, as well as leveraging its AI and ML technologies for demand forecasting, effective logistics delivery time and costing, and customer insights.

Tokopedia has also been leveraging Google Workspace to maximise company-wide collaboration for over a decade, and it’s been especially helpful in enabling teams to stay productive while working remotely through the pandemic.

Severan Rault, Gojek’s Chief Technology Officer

Severan Rault

Severan Rault, Gojek’s Chief Technology Officer said,

“As GoTo looks to reduce more friction for consumers and create new growth opportunities for the millions of drivers and merchants in our ecosystem, collaboration will be absolutely crucial.


Google Cloud will continue to play an integral role in helping us leverage data to understand our users, optimise our operations, and ultimately ensure that we deliver on our promises in the most efficient and effective manner.”

Ruma Balasubramanian, MD, Google Cloud Southeast Asia

Ruma Balasubramanian

Ruma Balasubramanian, Managing Director of Google Cloud in Southeast Asia said,

“Google Cloud is proud to have been part of Gojek and Tokopedia’s growth journeys.


We’re now excited to help fuel GoTo Group’s continued expansion across Southeast Asia and unlock the benefits of the digital economy for millions of people in the region,”