F10 Singapore Launches Its Third Incubator Programme With 9 New Startups

F10 Singapore Launches Its Third Incubator Programme With 9 New Startups

by November 23, 2021

F10 Singapore announces the list of nine promising startups that will be joining the third batch of its Incubation Programme starting 22 November 2021 onwards.

Selected from more than 200 applications, they cover themes such as Buy Now Pay Later, NFTs, and regulatory technology.

The goal of this 5-months programme is to support early-stage startups in the process of transforming their prototype into a scalable product, while they gain traction.

The startups will be given the opportunity to receive world-class individual coaching to gain valuable insights and gain access to F10’s vast global network of mentors, experts and investors.

They will also be validating their venture through intense masterclasses in the process of transforming their prototype into a scalable product as they gain traction.

Jonas Thuerig

Jonas Thuerig

“With these 9 diverse startups carefully selected from over 200 applications, we have chosen highly promising founders that work on the future of our industry.


We look forward to embark on this journey together as they take off,”

said Jonas Thuerig, Head of F10 Singapore.



Meet the 9 startups of Singapore’s Incubation Batch III:

‍Cakeplabs (Korea)

Chaca is a secondhand market made by CakepLabs company to help users sell their secondhand goods. Chaca Market provides “Buy Now Pay Later” payment method that benefits both sellers and buyers.

Kryptonium Limited (Hong Kong)


Is building a decentralised multimedia platform using NFT fuelling the creator economy of the future.

PLG Partners (Singapore)

PLG Partners

Portable benefits platform for the gig economy, who enable independent contractors to pick and choose company sponsored workplace benefits through a simple plug and play platform on their work apps.

Lexikat (Singapore)

Advanced natural language processing (NLP) models that users can customise to their needs via a simple drag-and-drop interface, producing far greater accuracy than standard systems at lower cost.

Syla (Australia)

Cloud-based tax reporting and portfolio management software for cryptocurrency that is the forefront solution to crypto tax and compliance – the smart way to power your crypto wealth.

Prana (India)


An eBay for Ebooks. Each and every copy of each title is represented by an NFT, giving them a unique identity and enabling novel behaviours and user freedom.

Tunibibi (Bangladesh)

Tunibibi Global

Cross-border B2B order fulfilment platform where micro-SMEs trade globally through their local payment methods to reduce international payment processing cost & consolidate cargo in IoT based SMART warehouses to minimize freight charges.

Emlo Tech (Singapore)

Emlo Technologies

B2B startup focused on regulatory technology who are developing a real-time rules-based transaction monitoring system that can be configured for any country’s regulatory process.

Oakify (Singapore)

Oakify Technologies

A digital financial planner and self-service advisory marketplace supporting users’ long term financial wellness and resilience.