Tech Platform Talenthouse Listed Its Shares in Switzerland

Tech Platform Talenthouse Listed Its Shares in Switzerland

by March 31, 2022

Talenthouse AG, a leading technology platform connecting creatives and brands globally, has today listed 418,337,210 registered shares on SIX Swiss Exchange (ticker THAG) in response to an exceptional demand for digital content creation.

Talenthouse, with its operational headquarters in London, captures the “zeitgeist” of a new era of diverse, decentralised, international, creative content. As leaders in the global Creator Economy, it empowers and connects its community of over 14 million members with world-renowned brands including Warner Bros., Snapchat and the UN to develop authentic culturally-relevant digital content.

The Creator Economy generates US$2,250 billion annually, employing 30 million people worldwide, according to UNESCO. It is an ecosystem that comprises a wide range of occupations distinguished by the generation of wealth and jobs through individual creativity. It is seeing huge demand as audiences are increasingly requesting quality, unique, engaging creative work that resonates with them. Smartphone usage, streaming and social media have revolutionised digital photography and videography consumption, while digital games and the metaverse have led to a demand for augmented reality (AR) and 3D graphic content. With its skilled international community, Talenthouse is well positioned to provide its clients with this dynamic fresh content.

The company’s business model, which is built on the two current pillars of content creation and content monetisation, has been strongly underpinned by both acquisitive and organic growth through product development. A third pillar, community empowerment, is expected to be built up in 2022. With pioneering, robust and diversifiable patented technology, Talenthouse has a strong history of innovation. As the business expands, its goals are to democratise and nurture the creative community and to upskill individuals enabling them to better source additional, flexible income through the platform. The company is focussed on empowering creatives and providing them with the tools to grow, learn and promote themselves.

Meanwhile, the company’s core blue-chip clients are seeking to develop bespoke, authentic, culturally-nuanced content for each region in their worldwide operations. Having a truly global community of creatives in 195 countries, Talenthouse’s community is well-placed to develop this content. This was recently highlighted by the company’s ground-breaking work with the UN. In this campaign Talenthouse received over 16,700 submissions from 142 countries, verifying over 4,000 for all to share to help fight the Covid-19 pandemic.

Roman Scharf

Roman Scharf

Roman Scharf, Co-Founder of Talenthouse says,

“We set up Talenthouse with the goal of democratising economic opportunity for creatives whilst improving and authenticating brand messaging. Around the world there are abundantly talented people looking for better ways to earn a living and through our diverse offerings they can work for some of the world’s most influential brands. The public listing enables us to further grow our community; to nurture and develop our creative members, so that we can provide our brand partners with an even more complete, international and bespoke content service. With our highly-skilled management team, supported by an experienced Board, I am confident that we will continue our strong growth and allow many more creatives to participate in the networks which define the outcome of their lives.”

Clare McKeeve

Clare McKeeve

Clare McKeeve, CEO of Talenthouse says,

“ Our community is at the heart of everything we do. At Talenthouse our goal is more than just offering creatives access to incredible household brands, we want to empower our community and set each and every creative up for success. We’ve acquired and developed brilliant companies within our portfolio so that our creatives have the tools to be part of an active community whilst successfully monetising their skills. Ultimately they are the lifeblood of Talenthouse – the brilliant minds that constantly inspire our clients and build relevant, authentic content.”

The company also announces that yesterday its board of directors has adopted a stock option plan and approved to grant an aggregate of 69,035,000 options to certain employees, members of the board of directors and consultants to purchase the same number of shares in Talenthouse AG at an exercise price of CHF 0.10 per share. The options include new options and legacy options of former option-holders in group companies of Talenthouse AG. The new options are subject to a tranched vesting over four years and, as concerns Talenthouse AG’s board and executive team members, the shares received upon the exercise of new options are subject to a holding period (lock-up) of 5 (five) years upon granting of the options. The shares received upon the exercise of legacy options are, as a rule, subject to a holding period (lock-up) of 3 (three) years upon granting of the options. The stock option plan provides incentives for high levels of performance and encourages long term stock ownership in Talenthouse AG.

Furthermore, Talenthouse AG was informed by its chairman that he intends to further commit to Talenthouse AG and purchase additional shares on the market in the coming days.


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