6 Creative Suggestions for Webcasts Your Clients Will Love

6 Creative Suggestions for Webcasts Your Clients Will Love

by October 3, 2016

It’s cheaper to create an old customer than it is to get a new one, they say. But how do you pull off something your customers or clients will love? Here are six creative suggestions you might want to try for your next webcast:

Invite a speaker they love
CIO says seminars delivered through webinars are an excellent way to keep the relationship with your consumers alive and well. And one way to ensure customers will come in droves is to invite a well-known speaker to the event, one your customers love.

That’s one of the best ways to drum up a massive audience. For instance, if you’re selling a new range of beauty products, you might want to invite well-known beauty bloggers to the event. Or ask current “it” celebrities for their beauty regimens and secrets. That’s sure to get a lot of your audience logging onto that meeting.

From Pixabay

From Pixabay

Create stories they’ll love
If you have a new product line or services you want to launch to the market, you can use a webcast to do a live event for the launch. Live events can make your clients feel like they’re personally part of the event. That doesn’t just bolster potential sales and earnings, it also has a positive impact on your company-consumer relationship.

But don’t just share a live event. Marketing is empty if it doesn’t emotionally resonate with your target market. So go and create stories your customers love. Use an angle, approach or idea that has deep meaning and value to your customers and create your event around that idea. This sends a clear message to your customers, loud and clear: that you care about them.


Interview employees they love
Another way to improve consumer engagement is to host interviews. Aside from well-known speakers, you could also pull your own team or crew into the interview. Keep in mind that a strong team is the backbone of every company. Your company wouldn’t be where it is now without the support, hard work and dedication of your team. So go ahead and interview them. Get the most passionate people you have into those interviews. Because passion is contagious. It comes across well onscreen.

By getting your best people, your customers can see what goes behind your business, what kind of team handles their requests—how quirky and human everyone is, how hard they work—and that’s going to matter the next time they shop. Because most people are more likely to spend money on a store, even when there are cheaper options available, so long as there’s something about the brand story, team or company they like.


From Pixabay

From Pixabay

Provide training on topics they love
One of the best ways to engage an audience is to provide them with fresh content. So be your customers’ guide or go-to source on a particular topic or subject. With options like BlueJeans corporate webcasting, you can easily put together large scale events for this. Content-sharing features also makes it possible to just handily share an image or file during the entire session. But don’t stop there.

Make them a part of the process by inviting your audience to participate. So if they have excellent tips or advice they want to show to you and the other members of the audience, let them. Invite them over. By providing your customers with how-to’s and tips, you don’t just boost customer relationship and interest. You successfully create brand loyalty as well. So the next time they need to get an opinion or practice, they won’t just come to anyone else, they’ll come to you.


Host a Q&A portion they’ll love
If your customers have any issues or areas of concern about your products or services, let them talk it out with you, Social Media Examiner suggests. Done right, a Q&A portion can definitely add some shine to your brand, and make your products or services more than likely to sell.

However, just remember that you need to have the right person handle the job. Pick someone who knows just how to provide answers to issues in a way that doesn’t patronize or disrespect your audience. If you can provide answers that provide value to your customers, you won’t just keep old-timers, you might even be able to snag a couple of new ones as well.

Give a behind-the-scenes look
There’s nothing like showing them what makes you tick and what makes you love your company more than this. You don’t always have to set out to impress your audience. Sometimes, just reaching out to them and making them feel that they’re an important part of your process is enough to make sure they keep coming back for more.

So follow these tips and get your audience to love your webcasts—and your brand.

Featured image: From Pixabay