Carlo Chen-Delantar Succeeds Paul Ark as Gobi Partner’s New Head of ESG

Carlo Chen-Delantar Succeeds Paul Ark as Gobi Partner’s New Head of ESG

by December 8, 2022

Pan-Asian venture capital firm Gobi Partners has appointed Carlo Chen-Delantar as its Head of ESG to succeed the outgoing Paul Ark.

Prior to this appointment, Carlo had served as the Head of Circular Economy for Gobi ASEAN and will continue to do so moving forward.

He is also a Founding Partner for the Gobi-Core Philippine Fund (Gobi-Core), a joint-venture partnership between Gobi Partners and Core Capital investing in promising Filipino startups.

Leveraging his expertise in early-stage investing particularly in the fast-growing Philippine startup ecosystem, Carlo will be taking a greater role in the company’s approach to the circular economy, underserved communities and women entrepreneurs.

Carlo is currently a Circular Economy Pioneer at the Ellen MacArthur Foundation and also served as the Co-Chair of the Global Shapers Climate Action Steering Committee at the World Economic Forum from 2018-2021.

He also sits on Indonesia’s GoTo Group’s external Sustainability Advisory Council.

Carlo Chen-Delantar

Carlo Chen-Delantar

Carlo said,

“I believe that Gobi can help digital economy players positively shift the economy towards a sustainable, innovative, and compassionate future.


With the growth of our portfolio companies, their expanded reach and therefore the responsibility to stakeholders creates an opportunity to create long-term value for the ecosystem through governance structure and accountability,”

Soo Wei Shaw

Soo Wei Shaw

Soo Wei Shaw, Partner and ESG Committee Chairperson at Gobi said,

“I would like to first extend our appreciation and gratitude to Paul Ark for all the great work he has done for Gobi Partners. He has been an integral asset in setting up the framework and refining the company’s focus and training on ESG.


Carlo’s hands-on experience in integrating global ESG standards into the foundation and operations of early-stage startups will be fundamental for our portfolio’s sustainable growth. He is well positioned to balance the scales of profit, people and the planet for Gobi Partners.”




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