NUS Partners LSEG to Strengthen Business Students’ Education, Research Skills

NUS Partners LSEG to Strengthen Business Students’ Education, Research Skills

by May 11, 2023

The London Stock Exchange Group (LSEG) will be collaborating with the National University of Singapore (NUS) Business School through its Workspace platform.

Workspace provides students an enriched and interactive learning and teaching experience, and efficiently delivers expertly vetted, reliable, and meaningful data.

The collaboration aims to strengthen the education and research capabilities of NUS Business School by leveraging Workspace’s comprehensive financial data and analytics.

Students and academic staff will have access to real-time financial market data, reports, economic indicators, and accounting data of publicly traded companies.

They will also be able to examine historical data dating back to the 1960s, economic and ratio indicators, industry statistics, equity data, interest rates, and exchange rates.

In addition, the platform provides extensive coverage of real time news spanning across all asset classes, industries, and geographies.

David Day

David Day

David Day, Group Head of Sales, APAC, London Stock Exchange Group said,

“We are excited to be working alongside NUS to further enhance their learning and research capabilities.


With Workspace, students and teaching staff at NUS will be offered unparalleled access to financial intelligence within a tailored workflow and we believe this will be a vital tool to prepare students looking to make their mark in the world of financial services.”

Dr. Ben Charoenwong

Dr. Ben Charoenwong

Dr. Ben Charoenwong, Assistant Professor of Finance and the Chair of the Financial Database Committee at NUS Business School, said,

“In today’s digital age, data is crucial in business decision-making. The ability to access, analyze, and interpret data is more important than ever, and teaching it requires a lot of data and different tools.


Our collaboration with LSEG provides students and faculty with a wealth of financial and economic data to advance their learning and research.”

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