IoT News You Need To Know

IoT News You Need To Know

by November 16, 2017

Every week, we bring you the biggest IoT News from Asia and around the world. Today, we’re excited about the ID/AI conference at the Singapore Fintech Festival – check it out!

In General:

Smarter and faster – why manufacturers must embrace the Internet of Things –

Hilton and Marriott Turn to the Internet of Things to Transform the Hotel Room Experience –

AI & Robotics:

Ex-Google executive Anthony Levandowski is founding a church where people worship an artificial intelligence god –

Adobe Scan uses AI to find documents in your photo gallery –

Congratulations, it’s a girl: Exploring sexism in artificial intelligence –

China is building a police station powered by AI, not humans –

Walmart’s robotics partner just raised $17.5 million to fund more store automation –

Miniature robots could cut pesticide use on farms in future –

The first-ever robot citizen has 7 humanoid ‘siblings’ — here’s what they look like –

Google’s AI guru predicts humans and machines will merge within 20 years –

Most Banks Still Not Ready For AI, Robotics: Study –

Do the pros of artificial intelligence outweigh the cons? –

Artificial Intelligence as a service – AI Off The Shelf –

Alibaba’s FashionAI shows how machine learning might save the mall –

IoT News You Need To Know

Smart Things:

Las Vegas’ self-driving bus crashes in first hour of service –

The machine age is upon us. We must not let it grind society to pieces –

The Apple Watch can accurately detect hypertension and sleep apnea, a new study suggests –

UFOs, fighter jets & Transformers: China’s $1.3bn VR theme park a world first –


Facing the threat: Big Data and crime prevention –