A Crowdfunding Campaigns Aggregator App

A Crowdfunding Campaigns Aggregator App

by October 7, 2015

Self-proclaimed the ‘Tinder of crowdfunding,’ OFF3R is the world’s first mobile crowdfunding aggregator that allows users to quickly discover and review all the hot opportunities and campaigns ongoing.

Taking a similar approach as the world’s most popular dating app, OFF3R promises to apply the Tinderish thumb swipe to equity crowdfunding investment campaigns to widen the deal flow funnel.

The app pulls in campaign content from multiple equity crowdfunding platforms at launch to let investors maximize their exposure to businesses they might be interested in investing in.

Launched in June, OFF3R, formerly Tendr, currently aggregates investment deals from 12 equity crowdfunding platforms from the US and the UK. These platforms include CircleUp, Ventures Founders, AngelList, CrowdCube, Seedrs, to name a few. The service has most recently added iAngels, OurCrowd and Invesdor to their supported platforms.


How it works

Deals are displayed as a brief overview for each campaign. Users swipe right to like a campaign or swipe left to pass. Cards can be flipped to learn more about a deal and access pages on partner platforms.

Users can also enable alerts and notifications to signal new opportunities.

And that’s pretty much it.


off3r detailed

According to founder Lex Deak, who also founded angels investment club QVentures, OFF3R removes friction, increasing thus efficiency in deal sourcing.

“It is a useful tool for investors who are currently having to access up to a dozen platforms individually, it is also a nice lightweight channel for entrepreneurs and the wider start-up ecosystem for staying abreast of trends and what’s hot,” Deak told Techcrunch.

As of its revenue model, Deak said the company is looking to take a cut of any transaction the platform generates once the app usage scales.

“As our numbers grow and we include a wider variety of alternative instruments, such as loans and property deals, we will charge a small percentage on transactions,” he said.

“We’re working on including tailored content for users in relation to their investment preferences which may open up an additional stream. Lastly we are collecting insightful data on the alternative finance sector, we will always make the majority of this data freely available but there may be a case for a cost for bespoke reports in the future.”

So far, OFF3R has served 165 deals to more than 2,900 investors from 47 countries.

In August, the company decided to rebrand the app to OFF3R and announced they had integrated American platforms as part of a global expansion plan and in “response to international demand,” Deak said in a statement.

According to InfoDev, the global crowdfunding market has been quick to grow to a multi-billion dollar industry since its emergence in 2008. In 2025, this market is expected to weight as much as US$96 billion.

With the rise of crowdfunding, people are turning to platforms such as OFF3R to get their daily dose of hot deals. As of July 2015, the company reported it had helped raised some US$22 million in funding across UK equity crowdfinding platforms linked to its app during that month.

OFF3R has also received great traction from platform owners from all parts of the world, including in Israel, Singapore, India, Australia, Spain, France and Hong Kong, Deak said.

“We’re going to move very, very quickly and we’ll be international within the next couple of months,” he said in a recent interview.

“Then we’ll start to add on other opportunities. Equity is really interesting because there’s content around it, but investors may want to see debt opportunities, loan opportunities, and invoice factoring.”


Image credit: Off3r.com.