Global Fintech Awards Finalists Announced as Momentum Builds for SFF 2023

Global Fintech Awards Finalists Announced as Momentum Builds for SFF 2023

by November 1, 2023

The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) and the Singapore Fintech Association (SFA) announced the finalists of the Singapore Fintech Festival’s (SFF) Global Fintech Awards.

Supported by PwC Singapore, the awards recognises innovative fintech solutions by corporates and individuals that have transformed the industry, created new growth opportunities, promoted financial inclusion, and enhanced the delivery of financial services.

Submissions were received across six award categories; Global Fintech, ASEAN Fintech, Singapore Fintech, ESG Fintech (thematic), Artificial Intelligence (thematic), and Leaders Award.

A new initiative called “Fintech Gives Back” was introduced for the awards this year. Members of the fintech community such as OKX, Ripple, NETS, YouTrip, Pingpong, and Syfe have contributed towards the prize monies. This initiative will continue in future editions of the awards.

Global Fintech Finalists

Algogene Financial Technology 

ALGOGENE is the next-generation investment platform for learning, developing, testing, executing, and investing on trading bots. Through their patents backed web platform, one can easily create any algo strategies, connect to multiple brokers/exchanges for live trading and learn from the trading community.


Habitto is Japan’s first digital bank that offers free financial advice. Through a mobile platform, Habitto provides a combination of services including high interest savings account, debit card, investments, and insurance products, complemented with a truly human-centric advisory service.

Headquarters (

Headquarters ( is a FinOps solution aimed at simplifying treasury management for Web3 teams. With features like an aggregated view of multiple crypto wallets, seamless book-keeping with existing accounting software, and payment functionalities, provides a one-stop solution for financial management in the crypto space.


Netcetera’s 3DS Server and SDK offer seamless online shopping. Being 1st in Europe and 2nd globally, EMVCo-approved product, compliant with EMV® 3DS 2.x and card network programmes, it limits non-authenticated transactions and boosts security. This frictionless experience comes in two options: on-premise 3DS Server or SaaS on a payment platform.


Bank’s digital lending solution, powered by Arttha, was conceived with a vision to catalyse financial inclusion and digital banking in the unbanked and underbanked regions of the country and provide a seamless, highly scalable and omnichannel experience to the customers.


Payment system that integrates the different financial systems and Blockchain networks, to facilitate payments in fiat, cryptocurrencies and Central Bank Digital Currencies, in a simple and efficient way, with a focus on the unbanked population, and micro and small businesses.

ASEAN Fintech Finalists

Advance Intelligence 

ADVANCE.AI’s one-stop platform allows financial services, ecommerce, Web3.0 and payments companies to orchestrate and customise their customer lifecycle journeys across KYC onboarding, fraud and risk management as well as AML/regulatory compliance. The end result is less complexity, lower friction and cost efficiency while improving customer experience and time to market.

Alta Alternative Investments

Their PMaaS solution, a suite of interconnected, configurable, white-label technology platforms, gives financial institutions the key to unlocking access to a diverse range of alternative assets for their clients. This provides an end-to-end, a-lacarte suite of APIs and user experiences to firms looking to transform their private capital markets businesses.


Mambu’s cloud-native banking platform supports leading financial institutions in ASEAN, including Cake (Vietnam), GoTyme Bank (Philippines), and Next Capital (Thailand). It offers a technological foundation for both digital and traditional banks, lenders, and fintechs, enabling innovation and growth in the region’s financial services sector.


The system prevents duplicate financing and provides genuineness checks for documents used in trade finance. It uses digital fingerprinting created from hashing technology to deduplicate documents. It provides authentication of documents against trusted third-party sources, such as trade and maritime data aggregators and government agencies.

Salary Hero

Salary Hero is a financial health platform for Thai workers. Their service enables companies to improve staff well-being by providing them with financial tools including salary on demand, financial education, budgeting tools and high interest savings. Employers see tangible upside, driven by lower staff turnover and a happier, more productive workforce.


WeavAir offers financial institutions an ESG investment digital twin software powered by satellite earth observation, IoT networks, as well as AI algorithms. The software helps financial institutions assess ESG and climate indicators with 40%+ improved accuracy and supports realtime monitoring of ESG risks, reducing the cost and time required to make accurate decisions by at least 10-fold.

Singapore Fintech Finalists

Finmo Tech 

Finmo is built on the foundation of real-time payment rails and facilitates instant money transfers, accurate cash flow forecasting, optimised liquidity management, effective financial risk mitigation, and seamless compliance with financial regulations – in a single place.


iLex is a digital platform delivering more liquidity, efficiency, intelligence, and security to the traditionally fragmented and inefficient corporate loan markets. iLex offers a one-stop for deal opportunities, market data, and connectivity with the ecosystem with their synergistic partnerships with leading global banks, solution providers and data providers.

Sensen Technology 

SenSen Pay is an innovative solution that addresses inefficiencies of existing payment systems amid rising costs and disrupted supply chain issues faced by global businesses. SenSen Pay employs cutting edge technology that reduces payment processing cost substantially, benefitting businesses and shaping the future of the payment landscape.


Stemly utilises latest Artificial Intelligence algorithms that harness transactional and invoice data at a granular level to generate precise cash flow predictions. This innovative approach bridges the connection between businesses and financial institutions, streamlining the delivery of tailored financial services and products.


Thunes is a B2B payments company building global infrastructure for the 21st century by enabling seamless, instant and transparent money movement. Their modular capabilities empower their customers to Pay, Accept, Exchange and Comply, closing the gap between payment systems in developed and emerging markets worldwide.


Its solution Surer is a cloud-based insurtech platform with a digital ecosystem of intermediaries and insurers. It provides tech solutions to help orchestrate the network in the insurance industry enabling insurance intermediaries to close deals with greater speed and allows insurers to distribute their product with better efficiency.

ESG Fintech Finalists

GreenArc Capital

GreenArc is an impact investment and analytics fintech with an impact management technology solution: impactGINI. An industry-first impact measurement API offering impact measurement and reporting for debt investments, impactGINI helps financial institutions measure and maximise the social and environmental impact of their investments towards closing the UN SDG financing gap.


KoinWorks empowers farmers and suppliers by filling the financial gap in agriculture. Their platform connects key stakeholders, including offtakers, and eager funders, ensuring vital working capital flows smoothly. This fosters financial accessibility, particularly in remote areas, creating a robust ecosystem for sustainable agricultural growth.

Metaverse Green Exchange 

MVGX’s Carbon Connect Suite addresses the struggles that corporations and governments face, including achieving their Nationally Determined Contributions, by providing end-to-end software tools. These tools ensure regulatory compliance, measure emissions, prevent greenwashing, offer green financing and more. The suite comprises five core products tailored to clients at various decarbonisation stages.


Following the “input once, report to many” principle, U-Reg offers comprehensive AI driven reporting capabilities across various ESG standards through an equivalence application. Moreover, this application enables advisory services for standards an entity wishes to report on or aids developing specific frameworks, industry-specific or tailored to a particular entity’s needs.


Its corporate ESG application GetPaid is a financial employee benefit that allows employees to access their earned wages on-demand. As a financial wellbeing tool, it empowers employees to better manage their finances by accessing their earned wages whenever they need it.


Zuno Carbon provides end-to-end ESG solutions that helps organisations measure, offset, and reduce emissions by integrating across their business value chain to collect activity data – powering them towards their sustainability goals, one step at a time.

Artificial Intelligence Finalists

Bank Julius Baer (Singapore Branch)

Julius Baer’s LLM solution Suite allows Bank Julius Baer to leverage the rapid development of Large Language Models by entities like OpenAI, with models that are trained on enormous datasets, but built for specific Bank use cases across multiple divisions from the Front to Back, including Risk Management.

Bank of China Innovation lab

BOC Synergia AI Hub is an unified AI resource hub with a full-stack AI technology capability. It empowered BOC to realise a comprehensive and scalable implementation of intelligent solutions tailored to various scenarios from customer acquisitions, retention to internal operations and risk management, as well as assessing ESG elements


ARIC™ Risk Hub combines proprietary Adaptive Behavioral Analytics and real-time machine learning to monitor and build behavioral profiles across data sources to understand genuine customer behavior and identify anomalies. The solution’s flexibility allows financial institutions to modernise without risky rip-andreplace projects, meet regulatory mandates, improve investigation efforts, and better protect customers.


Shizu is a new interface for MoolahGo’s payments platform with generative AI ability to understand natural language, operate in multiple dialects and work with their imperfections. Shizu is enabled by OpenAI’s ChatGPT and doesn’t need forms or buttons as she captures client requests through a simple message interface.

Moomoo Financial Singapore

Their digitalised brokerage and wealth management platform – moomoo – is a comprehensive one-stop solution for retail investors to not only trade, but also achieve financial resilience through their easy-to-use tech features that level the playing field between them, accredited investors and even professional fund managers.

Trusting Social

Trusting Social has built the largest AI powered solution to enable lending to underbanked consumers in ASEAN. In Vietnam, Indonesia and the Philippines, their credit insights have enabled banks to evaluate 55 million loans. They worked with 190 lenders in 2022, demonstrating their product’s scalability and value to consumer lending.

Leaders Award Finalists

The winners of the awards, together with the top three winners of the Global Fintech Hackcelerator 2023 will be announced on 16 November 2023, at the SFF Global Fintech Awards Dinner.