Surpasses 100 Million Users Globally Surpasses 100 Million Users Globally

by May 6, 2024 announced it has surpassed 100 million global users since its establishment in 2016. Its user base has doubled since the first Formula 1 Miami Grand Prix in May 2022.

This milestone coincides with the company’s recent promotional activities, including the “Fortune Favors the Brave” campaign and its film “INEVITABLE,” which aimed to highlight themes of perseverance and success.

The campaign, featuring partnerships with notable individuals and premiered on social media platforms in April, was broadcast during an NBA Playoff game at the Arena. has increased its visibility through these strategic collaborations, including hosting events at the Arena and participating in major sports events like the NBA and NHL playoffs.

Kris Marszalek

Kris Marszalek

“Positioning our brand through engaging campaigns and iconic partnerships has made a household name. But I’m most proud of the fact that we’ve surpassed the 100 million user milestone while building the most widely regulated platform in the industry by leading in global licenses and registrations.


There were no shortcuts to this milestone. It was a team effort and we will keep building for the next 100 million users.”

said Kris Marszalek, CEO of

Steven Kalifowitz

Steven Kalifowitz

“Becoming the world’s most well-known crypto brand didn’t happen overnight, nor did reaching this important user milestone. For almost a decade we have been building for the long term – with safety, compliance, and trust at the core.


This is what truly distinguishes, and it is reflected in our long-term partnerships and our latest film. We have come so far and we are excited about what is ahead.”

said Steven Kalifowitz, Chief Marketing Officer of