Climate Impact X to Launch New Market Intelligence Service

Climate Impact X to Launch New Market Intelligence Service

by May 13, 2024

Climate Impact X (CIX), a provider of global carbon market solutions, announced it will introduce a new market intelligence service aimed at enhancing decision-making and transparency within the voluntary carbon market (VCM).

The CIX Intelligence service, expected to launch in July 2024, builds on the success of the CIX Carbon Daily report, which has attracted over 600 company subscribers globally since last year.

The upcoming service will provide exclusive access to a comprehensive trade database, designed to offer detailed insights into trading patterns, price dynamics, and liquidity in the VCM.

This database will include thousands of transactional data points specific to various projects or contracts, encompassing both publicly reported data and proprietary information from CIX trading platforms.

Additionally, the service will feature CIX’s expanding range of on-screen price benchmarks, which adhere to global best practices and are based on active trading during designated pricing sessions at the CIX Exchange.

These sessions help to consolidate trading activity across different market segments, generating reliable data and fostering more precise, market-driven pricing.

CIX plans to further enhance its trade database and introduce new benchmarks tailored to evolving market needs.

The benchmarks currently include segments such as CIX Nature X and CIX Cookstoves X, with future additions to cover other relevant areas of the VCM.

Those interested can register ahead of the launch here.

Julien Hall

Julien Hall

Julien Hall, Pricing Director at CIX, said,

“By lifting the veil and providing the market with a database of actual disaggregated trade data, we hope to contribute to a reduction in market-wide information asymmetry and equip market participants with foundational new tools to power their analytics.


Price transparency is a cornerstone of a well-functioning market, and alongside this innovative new dataset, we are proud to continue our work to establish relevant and participatory price benchmarks.”

Mark Glossoti

Mark Glossoti

Mark Glossoti, Chief Operating Officer at CIX, said,

“The launch of our new market intelligence service expands the CIX solutions suite underpinning our mission to create real impact by turning trust in carbon credits into tangible and actionable outcomes.


Removing key barriers to participation, such as the lack of certainty and transparency, is crucial to building market confidence. Improved trust can in turn help to create the liquidity and depth needed to accelerate growth of the carbon markets, which are an essential part of the solution to climate change.”