Sumsub’s KYC Product Now Available to Mastercard Customers

Sumsub’s KYC Product Now Available to Mastercard Customers

by June 5, 2024

Sumsub, a global verification platform, has announced its partnership with the Mastercard Engage Partner Programme.

This collaboration focuses on providing digital first solutions to enhance customer onboarding and compliance processes.

By joining the Engage Programme, Sumsub aims to streamline customer onboarding, reduce fraud risks, and foster trust, ultimately improving the digital experience for end-users.

The programme helps partners develop and expand payment solutions for Mastercard’s global customer base, speeding up product innovation and facilitating seamless payment experiences.

Sumsub’s Know-Your-Customer (KYC) products will be available to Mastercard customers, ensuring secure and compliant onboarding experiences.

These tools will also monitor user activities to prevent fraudulent activities from sign-up to transaction completion.

Sumsub’s platform includes features like chargeback prevention and fraud detection, enabling companies to effectively combat fraudulent activities and unauthorised transactions.

Martin ten Houten

Martin ten Houten

“We are thrilled to be joining the Mastercard Engage Partner Programme. It is essential for companies – particularly businesses responsible for high transaction volumes – to provide their partners with the tools needed to protect themselves and their customers, and enhance user experiences.


They require continuous fraud prevention measures that extend beyond just the user onboarding phase. This reaffirms our commitment to simplifying and facilitating the verification process for fintech businesses, while ensuring the highest level of compliance due to our comprehensive solutions.”

said Martin ten Houten, VP of Business Development, Europe at Sumsub.