Asia’s Top 19 Wealthtech Companies 2019

Asia’s Top 19 Wealthtech Companies 2019

As conversations around fintech focus around financial inclusion and serving the underserved, we would be remiss to ignore the wealthtech scene burgeoning in Asia.

Wealthtech takes the management lead away from retail banks, partly by utilsing robo-advisors to significantly streamline the process, and hence, seen as tech with disruptive potential. (See here how we define Wealthtech.)

Asia is home to the world’s largest wealth management market too, thanks to China’s significant accumulation of wealth in recent years.

Asia’s wealthtech still rank behind counterparts from North America and Europe, accounting for 41.3% and 35% of investments respectively between 2014 and 2018, respectively. However, there has been slow but sure growth—wealthtech in Asia snapped up 15.5% of investments between 2014 to 2018.

Being a media specialised in fintech reporting provides us with an unparalleled view of the emerging trends and players in the space.

After tracking the performance and announcements from hundreds wealthtech companies across our Fintech News Network’s Asian sites, the following are in our view, the top wealthtech companies in Asia.


8 Securities (Hong Kong)

8 securitiesBased in Hong Kong and incorporated in 2010, 8 Securities provides online security brokerage and trading services.

The company leads the way in being among the first to introduce various services including; robo-advisory, social trading platform, zero commission trading and mobile-only investing service.

8 Securities is a licensed brokerage in Hong Kong and Japan. The company claims tens of thousands of customers in over 50 countries. It has secured over US$60 million in venture capital.

AGDelta (Singapore)

ag deltaAGDelta is an award winning B2B2C fintech company that digitally connects the wealth management and investment product provider ecosystem. The company provides a digital wealth platform that offers a unique mix of electronic best execution, regulatory compliance and artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities that can be applied across the network.

AGDelta claims to be one of the largest B2B financial investment platforms in Asia, handling over USD$1.5 trillion worth of financial investment product transactions. The company is based in Singapore with an additional office in Hong Kong.

ArthaYantra (India)

ArthaYantraArthaYantra provides integrated personal financial services to individuals. The company offers personal financial lifecycle management services, financial plan implementation services, and funds management and monitoring services. The company also offers financial health check, goal planning, and risk planning services; and investment management services, including the creation, review, and rebalancing of portfolios.

Arthayantra was founded in 2006 and is based in India. Since its launch, the company has helped more than 200,000 customers across 700+ cities and 30+ countries.

AutoWealth (Singapore)

AutoWealthAutoWealth is a licensed digital financial advisor regulated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) and a portfolio company of the National University of Singapore (NUS) Enterprise.

AutoWealth uses a proprietary algorithm to provide financial advice and investment management online. It has created an automated process that cuts down on the processing time and middleman costs while still giving customers customized recommendations on the ideal composition of their investment assets, the initial sum to invest and the periodic investment instalments.

Bambu (Singapore)

bambuBambu is a robo-advisor solution provider offering financial and consumer brands the ability to integrate and benefit from the ongoing digital transformation in wealth management. Bambu has developed products tailored for every market segment: private, affluent and retail. The company’s solutions include the Intelligent Advisor, a private banking product aimed at improving the efficiency of relationship managers, and the White-Label Robo, a goal-based robo-advisor offering investors a natural and easy experience in finding suitable investment strategies for their needs.

Founded in 2016, Bambu is headquartered in Singapore with additional offices in Malaysia, Hong Kong and the UK.

BetaSmartz (Singapore)

BetasmartzBetaSmartz offers hybrid digital investment tools that combine automated and face-to-face financial advice. The company’s software automates and streamlines all operational and administrative aspects of portfolio management so advisors can focus on spending more time with clients and scaling their business. It also automates asset allocation and portfolio construction, and applies big data to de-risk and optimize advice, automating rebalancing, asset allocation, tax loss harvesting and trading.

BetaSmartz is headquartered in Singapore with additional offices in New York, Hong Kong and Sydney.

BetterTradeOff (Singapore)

btoBetterTradeOff is a Singapore-headquartered fintech and insurtech startup that has developed a one-of-a-kind life-planning solution called Aardviser.

Powered by advanced statistical models and AI, Aardviser captures every detail of a person’s life including salary, expenses, education costs, job progression, retirement, wedding, property, investments, insurance, and more, into a digital collaboration space where the agent and the customer can plan together. The solution offers a fully transparent, collaborative, easy to use, yet holistic solution to a new generation of advisers and customers in need of trust and belief for the future.

Founded in 2015, BetterTradeOff is now active in Asia, Europe and the Middle East.

Canopy (Singapore)

canopyCanopy, formerly known as Mesitis, offers a personal financial data aggregation and visualization platform. The platform allows clients to aggregate bankable and non-bankable assets across different geographies and asset classes. It also provides daily valuation updates to ensure that the portfolio and respective analytics remain up to date.

Canopy is based in Singapore with additional offices in Hong Kong, Switzerland, and the UK.

Doomoolmori (South Korea)

DoomoolmoriFounded in 2015, Doomoolmori is a South Korean company providing data-driven financial advice. The company offers two main products and services: Boolio, a robo-advisor, and ELS Research, a prediction and analysis tool for equity linked securities investors.

Futu Securities International (Hong Kong)

futu5Futu Securities was established in 2012 in Hong Kong as a strategic investment of Tencent. The company is licensed online brokerage that allows investors to trade stocks in Hong Kong and the US.

Through its Futu platform, the company provides one-stop stock investment services in Hong Kong, the US, and mainland China stock markets. Futu Securities also offers ESOP management solutions and initial public offering (IPO) underwriting services to corporate clients.

Hellogold (Malaysia)

HelloGoldFounded in 2015 and headquartered in Kuala Lumpur, HelloGold has built the one world’s first Shariah compliant gold mobile application that changes the way people buy, sell, send and redeem physical gold.

The HelloGold mobile app allows users to buy and sell gold on a single platform for as little as RM1.

Lufax (China)

LufaxFounded in 2011 and based in China, Lufax is an Internet-based lending and wealth management platform, originally set up by Ping An Group. The company started with peer-to-peer lending as the only product before branching out its business gradually, becoming a much broader platform.

Today, Lufax operates an online wealth management platform that provides investment and financing services. It also offers peer-to-peer services, financial assets management services, and operates in advisory, development, design, and trading services of financial products and research and digital analysis of financial market.

Moneythor (Singapore)

moneythorMoneythor is a software company founded in 2013. Moneythor offers banks and fintech firms a toolkit to enhance their digital banking services, with a prime focus on the generation of data-driven personalized and contextual recommendations for their customers.

Moneythor’s data solution continually cleans, augments and enriches disparate and often uncategorized data, and then follows by generating proactive recommendations, insights and nudges. The solution has been deployed by large international banks such as ANZ, CIMB, Credit Mutuel Arkea, DBS Bank and Standard Chartered, fintech firms such as Raiz as well as digital banks such as Orange Bank among others.

Moneythor is headquartered in Singapore and is also present in Paris and London.

Money Design (Japan)

Money DesignMoney Design is a Japanese investment management business and investment advisory and agency business, as well as a financial instruments business. The company’s robo-advisor, Theo, allows customers to open an account with a minimum deposit of 100,000 yen. The automated online asset management service allocates the funds to a portfolio of ETFs based on a user’s profile.

StashAway (Singapore)

stashawayFounded in 2016, StashAway is an online investment management company headquartered in Singapore. The company provides a digital wealth management platform powered by a data-driven investment framework. Individuals can open portfolios with a US$0 minimum balance, unlimited withdrawals, and annual fees between 0.2% and 0.8%.

The StashAway platform analyzes an individual’s financial assets, investment time horizon, and risk preferences to personalize portfolios through a systematic asset allocation strategy.

Sygnum (Singapore)

SygnumSygnum is a technology-driven company providing clients and partners with an integrated solution to securely issue, store, trade and manage digital assets. The suite of digital asset products and services addresses institutional and qualified/accredited investors, as well as corporates and small and mid-sized enterprises (SMEs), including blockchain ventures.

Sygnum is in the regulatory process to obtain a Swiss banking license and has offices in Zurich and Singapore.

Smartkarma (Singapore)

SmartkarmaLaunched in 2014, Smartkarma owns and operates a digital marketplace that provides investment insight. The company has built global investment research network of insight providers who produce, curate, and publish unbiased intelligence for institutional investors. These write about more than 3,600 companies globally, with a strong focus on fast-growing Asian and emerging markets.

Users access Smartkarma’s platform by paying a yearly subscription fee. Smartkarma pays all of its contributing research analysts a monthly fee based on the reach and influence of their articles.

Smartkarma is headquartered in Singapore with additional offices in New York, London and Frankfurt.

Tiger Brokers (China)

tiger brokersFounded in 2014, Tiger Brokers is an online brokerage that allows Chinese investors at home and abroad, to trade stocks in the US, Hong Kong and mainland China markets. Its app, Tiger for US Stocks, is characterized by a Chinese interface and supports multiple features like one-click short selling, personal profit and loss analysis, stock options trading and real-time quotes. Tiger Brokers also has an online community for investors to share information and trading experience.

WeInvest (Singapore)

weinvestFounded in 2015 and based in Singapore, WeInvest is a digital wealth services provider that’s operational in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Hong Kong, China, India and Dubai.

The company provides an end-to-end digital wealth management platform through three main product lines: GrowWealth, a B2B2C robo-advisory platform, TrackWealth, an automated aggregation solution, and AdviseWealth, a robo-advisor for affluent clients.