Battling the Rise of Cyber Threats in Financial Services in 2023

Battling the Rise of Cyber Threats in Financial Services in 2023_About The Event

It is no secret that banks are a valuable target for cybercriminals, a BCG report estimates that banks are 300 times more likely to be targeted than other industries.

As the sector rapidly digitises itself they are now also contending with new attack vectors.

In South East Asia alone we are seeing cases of prominent banks falling victim to cyber attacks and regulators also now rushing to create new regulatory frameworks to better protect consumers.

Are banks doing enough to protect their users? How else can the industry beef up its security practices?

  • Cybersecurity readiness and landscape in Asia
  • Building digital trust and innovating securely
  • 2023’s cyber threat landscape


  • Viren Mantri, CISO, SC Ventures
  • Ricky Woo, Executive Director, Chief Information Security Officer, DBS Bank (Hong Kong)
  • Ng Lee See, Deputy Director, Risk Specialist & Technology Supervision Department, Bank Negara Malaysia
  • Ching Ping Wong, Senior Business Development Manager, Southeast Asia & Hong Kong, Fortinet


  • Vincent Fong, Chief Editor, Fintech News Malaysia



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