Enriching First-Party Data

Case Study: Enriching First-Party Data

Mobilewalla Enriching First-Party Data


Financial inclusion and credit access are essential for driving economic growth and improving livelihoods in numerous emerging markets, including South Asia. However, extending credit to underbanked and unbanked populations comes with inherent risks, especially when dealing with new-to-credit customers who lack a credit history.

In order to provide quick and trustworthy lending decisions while minimizing risk, lenders need to explore alternative approaches to enhance their understanding of new-to-credit prospects and optimize loan decisions without jeopardizing overall risk. This is where LendBetter, a Mobilewalla solution, becomes a crucial tool.

Download this case study to learn how LendBetter can help to:

  • Address Lenders’ Challenges in Emerging Markets
  • Improve New-to-Credit Default Risk Modeling