How FSIs of The Future Are Reimagining Digital Experiences


How FSIs of The Future Are Reimagining Digital Experiences_FBAbout The Event

These days the majority of our touch points are through digital channels – which is why digital experiences will likely make or break your customer attrition rates.

From onboarding all the way to interacting with your digital channels, how should banks and fintechs of the future shape great user experiences?

Join practitioners from leading digital first organisations as we discuss winning strategies to win the hearts and minds of Asia’s digital generation.

  • Best practices and philosophies behind seamless user experiences
  • Removing friction from user journeys
  • Tech trends and developments shaping the future of user experience


  • Romil Sharma, Group Head of Technology and Operations, Singlife
  • Michal Bialer, Chief Product Officer, Trust Bank
  • David Jimenez Maireles, Chief Experience Officer and Deputy CEO, TNEX
  • Karunanand Menon, Regional Principal Solutions Engineer, Okta


  • Vincent Fong, Chief Editor, Fintech News Malaysia



The event is free of charge and will be streamed live via YouTube, the link will be sent to your inbox upon registration