On-Demand Video Series: Leveraging Cloud and Open Source to Become A Different Kind of Bank

Leveraging Cloud and Open Source to Become a Different Kind of Bank




Watch this two-part video featuring a thought-provoking discussion between Jimmy Ng, CIO and Group Head of T&O, DBS and Marjet Andriesse, SVP & GM APJC, Red Hat.

In these videos, they discuss about the changes and challenges in the past few years, and how technology and innovation have shaped things differently. They also touched on how cloud and open source has become the bedrock of their digital transformation and allowed DBS to become a different kind of bank. Learn more from their discussion on:

  • Open-source technology and its role played in DBS’s transformation.
  • How a holistic approach to multi-hybrid cloud is helping DBS’s transformation.
  • Open innovation and innovation everywhere are changing the way things are being done.

Here’s a trailer of the video series before you get started:

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