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Vietnam Banks Dominate ASEAN Top 100 – But The Future’s in Your Pocket

Vietnamese lenders make up a fifth of the top 100 ASEAN banks in 2016 says The Banker, a leading financial industry publication. It is an interesting situation. Vietnam’s banks actually have 19 representatives on the top 100 list this year,

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Experts Talk: The Fintech Ecosystem in Singapore

A close approach to the FinTech Ecosystem in Singapore, made by 2geeks1city. FinTech experts and entrepreneurs in Singapore talked about the state of Fintech in Singapore, their challenges and the future of this trend in the coming years. State of Fintech

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Asian Financial Companies Turn to Fintech, But Headwinds Remain

Financial companies in Asia are looking to catch up with the west in using financial technology, but while adoption of fintech is expected to increase, the distrust for online banking systems and the lack of regulatory support may slow down

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