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Will Selfies Replace The Password?

Did you ever try to log into one of your accounts using the few variations of passwords you generally use, yet fail because you apparently had used some other password you can’t remember anymore? You’re not alone, which is why,

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What is Digital Transformation and Why is it a Disruption?

There are many talks about “Digital Transformation” recently, but what does it really mean, and why is it called a disruption? Depending on how you perceive it, this term may be just a fad to you, or it may mean the

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Preparing for 2020: Hong Kong Financial Services’ Top 5 Priority Responses

The pace of global change in financial services continues to accelerate as market incumbents, emerging FinTech startups and newcomers of every kind try to offer more sophisticated yet convenient means of moving money. Nowhere is this trend more apparent than

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