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McKinsey Wealthtech in APAC Report: 2.25 Trillion Valuation by 2027

In Asia-Pacific (APAC), the nascent wealthtech sector is poised to witness strong growth, a rise which will be driven by technological advancements, the region’s increasing wealth as well as its large affluent segment which has so far remained largely untapped

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McKinsey: Asia’s Booming Affluent Segments Introduce New Opportunities in Digital Wealth

In Asia, the wealth of affluent and mass-affluent customer segments is growing rapidly, bringing about new opportunities and growth prospects for banks and wealth managers alike in the region. But to tap into this opportunity, services providers will need to

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Top 10 Wealthtech Players from Southeast Asia to Watch in 2023

2022 has been a challenging year for fintech startups as investors scaled back their investment, valuations plummeted and tech firms were forced to undergo massive layoffs. But despite turbulent market conditions and shrinking fintech funding activity, several wealthtech players in Southeast

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