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Deep Learning in Finance Summit Comes to Singapore to Discuss Emerging Trends and Opportunities

Technologies such as big data analytics, neural networks, evolutionary algorithms, and machine learning have revolutionized financial services over the past 20 years. Now, fintech is on the verge of a truly revolutionary moment with the integration of artificial intelligence and

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Asia’s First Robotics Summit Comes to Singapore / Robotic and AI Infographic

The robotics market is undergoing a major transformation. Robots are growing beyond the industrial sector and beginning to assume the roles of personal assistants, surgical assistants, delivery vehicles, and autonomous vehicles, among many others. Until now, industrial robots have accounted

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23 Fintech Events All Over The World in 2017 You Must Attend

In the recent times, we have seen a trend of new technologies in the Fintech. To keep up with these, various Fintech Events 2017 are organized across the globe from Asia to America and Europe to Australia and Africa. Let’s

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