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Challenges or Opportunities for Fintech in Vietnam

In 1995, the first Visa transaction was accepted in Vietnam—the same year that relations between the United States and Vietnam were normalized. In 2006—the year before Vietnam joined the World Trade Organization (WTO)—Visa had 150,000 branded cards in Vietnam. Today,

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Fintech Vietnam Startup Report Update Explores Vietnams Massive Fintech Opportunities

With a population of over 90 million people, mostly composed of Millennials who are increasingly plugged in, Vietnam’s Internet economy has got great potential, and yet, fintech still remains a relatively untapped opportunity. In an updated Fintech Vietnam Startup report, Fintech

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1st Fintech Vietnam Startup Report

The first Fintech Vietnam Startup Report with on overview of 28 Vietnamese Fintech Startups. Moreover this reports shows interesting information about the Vietnamese age populaton and shows exciting facts about internet, online banking and credit card usage. And there is one

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