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Why Indonesia needs Fintech?

Southeast Asia’s largest economy would rather use fintech platforms for their financial needs rather than the country’s more well-established banking institutions with regulations being proposed to safeguard investors and borrowers alike, Indonesia’s fintech industry is set to expand even further.

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Singapore Fintech Awards 2016 Announces 40 Finalists

Singapore FinTech Awards 2016, comprising the MAS FinTech Award and ABS Global FinTech Award, will be part of the inaugural Singapore FinTech Festival that will be held during 14 – 18 November 2016. The Awards recognise innovative FinTech solutions that

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Asian Financial Companies Turn to Fintech, But Headwinds Remain

Financial companies in Asia are looking to catch up with the west in using financial technology, but while adoption of fintech is expected to increase, the distrust for online banking systems and the lack of regulatory support may slow down

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