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Digital Banking Reaches New Level of Maturity in APAC

In Asia-Pacific (APAC), the COVID-19 pandemic has brought the digital banking industry to a new level of maturity with penetration now approaching 90% across the region. This surge was largely driven by emerging markets, where adoption soared 33% points between

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In Asia Pacific, Super Apps Are Leading the Digital Banking Race

In Asia-Pacific (APAC), super-apps are not only redefining consumers expectations in banking; these platforms are straight out leading the digital banking race, according to a new report by Swiss digital banking tech provider Banking, Payments: Context (BPC) and Dutch fintech

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Competition Heats up in Australia’s Neobanks, Digital Banks Market

Since 2019, a wave of digital banks have arrived in Australia on a back of favorable legislation changes which took place in 2018. Today, Australia is home to five independent, licensed neobanks, in addition to a plethora of digital banking

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