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Infographic: the State of Fintech in Vietnam as of January 2016

Vietnam’s nascent fintech sector has a prosperous future lying ahead. While the ecosystem is still relatively small with about 30 players, the sector is one of the hottest investment trends for startups in the country. In August 2015, OnOnPay, a

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Fintech Money Transfer Startups Eye Vietnamese Remittance Market

Vietnam currently stands as one of the top ten remittance recipient countries in the world. In 2014, more than US$12 billion have been remitted to the country, making it the 9th largest remittance recipient, according to a World Bank report.

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1st Fintech Vietnam Startup Report

The first Fintech Vietnam Startup Report with on overview of 28 Vietnamese Fintech Startups. Moreover this reports shows interesting information about the Vietnamese age populaton and shows exciting facts about internet, online banking and credit card usage. And there is one

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