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Top 8 Fintech Investors in Indonesia Fueling The Revolution

Indonesia’s fintech landscape is booming. Over the past decade, the number of fintech players in Indonesia increased six-fold, rising from just 51 active players in 2011 to 334 in 2022, a 2023 report by AC Ventures and the Boston Consulting

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7 Prominent Fintech Investors in Singapore Backing The Ecosystem

In 2023, Singapore continued to dominate the Southeast Asian fintech landscape, securing a total of US$747 million in funding in the first nine months of the year or 59% of all fintech investments in ASEAN, according to data from UOB,

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Top 10 Investors in Vietnam Backing Emerging Fintech Startups

Over the past years, Vietnam has emerged into one of the fastest-growing fintech markets in Southeast Asia, amid growing customer adoption, sustained venture capital (VC) funding activity, and increased support from the government to foster innovation. In this burgeoning landscape,

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