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12 Essential Fintech Tools For Expats and Travellers Heading To Singapore

There have already been think pieces about how fintech could help boost tourism by reducing cash dependence, and increasing security and ease of use. Many tourists to China, for example, seem to be awed by the prevalent use of e-wallets

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5 Unexpected TravelersBox Discoveries for Business

In my previous article, I provided a guide on how to change your spare foreign currency into merchant credits in Changi Airport. In this article, I am providing some unknown insights into Travelersbox that I discovered from their media event

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TravelersBox Arrives at Singapore Airport

Passengers traveling through Singapore Changi Airport can now utilize their unneeded foreign change (or remaining Singapore dollars), using the new TravelersBox kiosks located at the airport. TravelersBox is an innovative fintech company that helps travelers convert their leftover foreign currency,

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