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Vietnam Messaging App Zalo: A Super App which might be bought by Facebook in 2020

Following on the lead of other “super apps,” Zalo has been integrating new functions into its app, including a payment platform called Zalo Pay, which was introduced last year. Launched in 2012, Zalo is Vietnam’s premier chatting platform, with more

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A Definitive Guide to Southeast Asia’s Payments Scene

In fintech’s genesis across Asia, it seemed like all of the new developments were focused on streamlining payments without coincidence, around the time that e-commerce experienced its boom too. Now, that trend seems to be making a grand return with

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Vietnam’s Zalo Pay Brings Payments To Social Media in Vietnam

Zalo Pay, a product of ZION, is bringing mobile, contactless payments to Vietnam’s popular social media and messaging platform Zalo. Launched in 2012, Zalo is a free message and call mobile app used by 70 million people. Zalo entered the

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