Korean Ad Agency 500V2 and Community Platform Cards form Partnership

Korean Ad Agency 500V2 and Community Platform Cards form Partnership

by February 23, 2018

500v2 is an Ad Agency in South Korea that specializes in syndicates & alliances and organizez the Startup Festival 2017 has formed a partnership with a South Korean Internet company called Cards

Cards Corp. is the developer of the andCards app, a community platform built upon the initial idea of digital business cards. Cards Corp. is one of the winners of K-Startup Grand Challenge 2017, Infinity Challenge at Startup Festival 2017, and Global Startup Expo in Seoul.

Korean Startup Cards Corp. was founded in April of 2017 by Igor Dzhebyan and Rostyslav Khanas. Igor, who was part of the investment group of POSCO for 6 years met Rostyslav, a former software engineer in Korea.

Igor and Rostyslav realized that the culture of exchanging paper cards was deeply rooted in the Korean culture. This is why Cards started to focus on where people actually met and found out quickly that most exchange cards at co-working hubs and events.

They developed their product into a complete solution for organizations such as co-working spaces as well as for event organizers.

Cards software is based on the latest technology across all platforms. At this moment Cards supports up to 6 platforms (IOS, Android, Windows, Mac, Linux, and The Web App).

How does Cards Work?

andcards work

  • Event organizers can set up events with the essential information such as name and location.
  • Visitors will then receive a link to the event and they can share it with their network.
  • Once visitors click on the link, they will be redirected to Cards Corp’s website.
  • They will directed to a registration form where they will input their details.
  • A card will be automatically created for them which contains their information. Not only will they get their own cards but they can see other visitor’s cards and set up meetings.

The goal is to make a smooth user experience for attendees of conferences and co-working centers to network. Users can make multiple digital cards in different languages and exchange without the hassle of carrying them. Searching for business cards is also now easier than ever because of the search function.

Igor Dzhebyan

Igor Dzhebyan, CEO at Cards Corp.


“Cards Corp wants to become the platform for people to meet. We are building a social infrastructure for people to meet, “





Partnership between 500V2 and Cards Corp

“This partnership with Cards will not be a one-off partnership but a partnership that can grow. While Cards is a great software company, we at 500v2 invest in people and their potential. Igor and Rostyslav show great potential,”

says Jimmy Kim CEO at 500v2


With the number of events lined up in 2018 by 500V2, Cards can be utilized to facilitate meetups, grow networks, and promote the events.

It will be interesting to see how Cards can adapt to conferences on a larger scale, while remaining user-friendly and innovative as it is currently. Those interested in experiencing what Cards has to offer, keep a look out for upcoming events organized by 500v2.