Pacquiao is latest CryptoCeleb, invests in GCOX

Pacquiao is latest CryptoCeleb, invests in GCOX

by March 14, 2018

The cryptocurrency world has gained another giant celebrity endorsement with Filipino boxing legend Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao becoming an investor of a new cryptocurrency exchange GCOX.

Pacquiao just took the same path of so-called “CryptoCelebs” that invested in cryptocurrencies for the past few years, like his controversial rival Floyd “Money” Mayweather, former heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson, American rapper 50 Cent, movie actor Jamie Foxx, singer Katy Perry, among many others.

Founded by media and production veteran Steve Askew, GCOX signed the Philippine senator and only eight-division world champion as its first celebrity. The company’s goal is to help celebrities create, list and trade their own Celebrity Tokens.

Manny Pacquiao with Steve Askew (Executive President of GCOX)jpg

Manny Pacquiao with Steve Askew (Executive President of GCOX), upon signing of GCOX contract

GCOX disclosed they allow the public to engage with celebrities through the sale of exclusive goods and services, transacted through Celebrity Tokens. This promises fans to own a part of a celebrity’s fame by buying such tokens.

“Pacquiao will release his personal Celebrity Token, known as the PAC Coin, exclusively on GCOX,”

the company said in its statement.

“Fans will be able to access exclusive live streams, Team Pacquiao merchandise, and more with PAC Coins.”

GCOX claims the value of a celebrity’s popularity can thus be reflected by the value of their Tokens on the GCOX exchange.

“Through the involvement of A-list celebrities, GCOX hopes to heighten public awareness and increase acceptance of crypto tokens,”

GCOX added.

Besides Pacquiao, other investors of GCOX include former England national footballer Michael Owen, and JIT Holdings Ltd founder Tommie Goh.

Pacquiao announced he will return to the ring in Malaysia this coming May or June. This will be his first fight in Asia since defeating Chris Algieri in Macao back in 2014.


Photo shows Manny Pacquiao with GCOX executive president Steve Askew, upon signing of GCOX contract (Source: GCOX).