One Lucky Traveler Will Go Cash-Free Around the World

One Lucky Traveler Will Go Cash-Free Around the World

by May 16, 2018

Are you a travel enthusiast who has what it takes to explore exotic destinations cash-free?

Visa is searching for one travel enthusiast to send on an international adventure with the help of top social media travel pros to highlight the value of going cash-free.

visaThe international trip is a sequel to Visa’s Cashless Challenge, which awarded $500,000 earlier this year to small businesses in the United States who reduced their reliance on cash and embraced the benefits of electronic payments.

Visa is partnering with social media travel personalities Arden Cho (@arden_cho) and brothers Alex & Marko Ayling (@TheVagabrothers) to serve as Visa Cashless Ambassadors who will create two unique itineraries; one in Thailand and the other in Spain.

The Search finalist will get to choose between a relaxing trip to Thailand including a meditation course, spa day and island hopping through the Phi Phi Islands or a Basque Country adventure, exploring the caves of Urkiola, paddle boarding through the Urdaibai Estuary and indulging in world-renowned cuisine.

The Search finalist will also receive pro tips from our Visa Cashless Ambassadors prior to take off, including photography, video, copywriting and social media advice, to help them share their cash-free travels with the world.

“Of all the incredible places we’ve explored, Basque Country has a special place in our hearts,”

said The Vagabrothers.

“We are excited to partner with Visa to create a cash-free trip to one of our favorite destinations, Basque Country. We hope the winner chooses our awesome adventure, and we’ll prepare them how to document it along the way.”


“I chose Thailand for its rich culture, gorgeous beaches and delicious food,”

said Cho.

“Having just returned from a tropical trip of my own, my goal was to create the ultimate international relaxation vacation – without the added stress of carrying cash!”

With the worldwide shift to digital payments, it is easier than ever for travelers to move toward a cash-free lifestyle, both at home and abroad. Travel lovers ready to embark on an international cash-free adventure can apply to win one of two incredible, Ambassador-curated trips by creating and submitting a short video (two minutes or less) by June 15, 2018, showcasing their passion for travel, social media skills and excitement about travelling cash-free.

Widely accepted around the world, Visa offers security, convenience and ease when paying abroad. Travelers who use their Visa and pay in local currency can get a competitive exchange rate. Also, by using a Visa credit or debit card for purchases, transactions are backed by Visa’s Zero Liability Policy1, which states cardholders won’t be held responsible for unauthorized or fraudulent transactions.

Visa payments can also help cardholders spend more wisely.

Lynne Biggar

Lynne Biggar

“Visa research shows 87% of travelers have leftover cash after their trips, but only 29% convert it back, leaving an average of $123 on the table,”

said Lynne Biggar, Chief Marketing Officer, Visa.

“Visa is turning that costly souvenir into better payment experiences with technology to help make international travel and transactions more seamless and secure.”


According to Visa’s 2018 Global Travel Intentions Study, 72% of travelers prepared cash/foreign currency as part of their pre-trip planning, however, an equal number of respondents admitted they felt that preparing local currency prior to their trip was ultimately a waste of time.

Travelers also cited loss or theft of cash as a top money concern while on a trip. Moving toward cash-free international travel can help consumers save time in pre-trip planning, minimize stress and anxiety on the road, and reduce money wasted due to leftover unconverted currency.

For more information about the Visa Cashless Challenge: International Travel Edition Search, including terms and conditions, trip details and how to submit, visit


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