Leonardo Render Eyes Asian Market; Participates in Korea, China Conferences

Leonardo Render Eyes Asian Market; Participates in Korea, China Conferences

by June 21, 2018

Leonardo Render has begun an official foray into the Asian blockchain market, starting with a presence at the MARVELS World Blockchain Summit in Seoul, Korea June 18-19, 2018.

MARVEL is a globally minded conference is a meeting of entrepreneurs, IT and business interests, federal agency representatives, and other blockchain and cryptocurrency industry thought leaders. Leonardo Render is currently partnering with peers and innovators in talks and meetings during this conference.

leonardo renderLeonardo Render will continue to delve into the Asian blockchain market with appearances at additional Asian conferences and roadshows. Specifically, they will be meeting with stakeholders in China at as yet undisclosed locations in the coming weeks.

At these conferences, Leonardo Render will be announcing and discussing their revolutionary solution to the previously slow, tedious CGI rendering process. They have developed a blockchain-based CGI graphical rendering service that utilizes the existing, yet underutilized infrastructure of GPU mining facilities, tapping into the enormous power supplies of GPU mining farms in order to meet the robust power requirements of CGI rendering.

Their proprietary software exponentially speeds up the still image rendering process, which would typically take as long as 24 hours on a single server, allowing this process to be completed in real time. Video renders can take even longer, up to weeks or even months, depending upon the file size.

This is extremely beneficial for artists and CGI professionals, as it not only allows for faster rendering speeds and greater production capability, it also offers the creative industry a previously unavailable option of potentially editing and modifying their final product without incurring lengthy rendering times and further delaying production.

Leonardo Render’s software solution also benefits GPU miners, offering them a much greater value proposition than they previously saw with Ethereum mining, a field in which they can no longer compete due to the proliferation of the much faster and more affordable ASIC (Application Specific Integrated Circuits) mining hardware. GPU miners and the enormous, yet obsolete infrastructure they built to mine their Ethereum now have a space wherein they may offer their services.

GPU miners entering the rendering space can expect to make up to $0.50 per hour per GPU. Mining Ethereum was only paying $0.04 per hour per GPU, even prior to ASICs entering the Ethereum mining space.

Currently, Leonardo Render has partnered with several GPU mining farms comprised of over 20,000 GPUS. Staking with the LEOS work token, GPU miners earn the right to provide power and income earning capacity within the Leonardo Render network.

Leonardo Render has tapped into a market with a clear need while offering a group of previously obsolete service providers a client base with which to work.

Marco Iodice

Marco Lodice

According to Leonardo Render CEO and Co-Founder Marco Iodice,

“There is a deep necessity here, and where is necessity, great ideas come to life. Welcome to Leonardo Render, the Blockchain Render Farm.”