Blockchain Project Zeepin Targets Creative Industry

Blockchain Project Zeepin Targets Creative Industry

by June 26, 2018

Zeepin is a new decentralized platform developed for the global creative industry and the “decentralized sharing new economy community.”

Overseen by Chinese organization the Zeepin Foundation, Zeepin is using blockchain technology to solve the many inefficiencies and challenges faced by the creative industry including copyright infringement and copyright asset traceability and distribution.

The Zeepin platform aims to support innovators and creators from the start of an idea to its emergence into a fully operating project. This includes support for project crowdfunding, team formation, copyright protection, IP transactions, and more.

The team behind Zeepin, which previously started Arting365, a media platform with more than a million of creatives, has set out to help the global creative community by enabling assets digitalization and rights confirmation, but also efficient transactions and crowdfunding of creative assets.


Built on the NEO public chain, the Zeepin platform will let any organization or individual, including creators, manufacturers, and channel partners, to launch innovative projects and jointly organize decentralized self-governing teams.

On the platform, each organization or individual will have a reliable digital identity and will be able to convert innovative or creative resources into crypto assets, secured and shared on the Zeepin.

Zeepin’s native token, ZPT, is a functional utility token that will be utilized on the Zeepin platform as a unit of exchange for valuable products and services provided in the ecosystem. The token will also provide incentives and encourage participants to contribute and maintain the Zeepin ecosystem.

The startup raised a whooping US$62.5 million in its ICO earlier this year.

Zeepin ecosystem

zeepin ecosystem

The Zeepin ecosystem will be made up of a suite of tools or decentralized applications (DApps) that will provide varied services to creators.

These DApps will include:

  • ZeeRights, for Protection and transaction of digital intellectual property rights. Users will be able to get Certificates of Registration for copyrights stored on the Zeepin blockchain;
  • ZeeProof, which will provide conclusive proof of copyright existence without disclosing any relevant detail;
  • ZeeCreate, a decentralized design interconnection platform on the Zeepin Chain;
  • ZeeSure, a one-stop insurance service in partnership with global major insurance companies to protect users’ assets;
  • ZeeCrew, a community tool that will enable any organization or individual to form autonomous creative project teams;
  • ZeeFund, a crowdfunding platform;
  • ZeeTalent, a digital identity solution;
  • ZeeWallet, an open source light wallet that will be built on the Zeepin blockchain, which will be usable in all the DApps in the Zeepin ecosystem; and
  • CryptoGalaxy, a virtual universe powered by blockchain technology and an entertainment DApp that will run under the Zeepin Chain. CryptoGalaxy will allow anyone to purchase a planet and name it at his or her wish. Each planet will have a unique set of attributes and characteristics.

The first stage of the Zeepin platform development will focus on building these initial DApps. The second stage will focus on attracting talents from the creative industry to join the ecosystem. Finally, the third stage will focus on improving the platform and upgrade the technology.

Zeepin is currently running on NEO public blockchain but will release their own 2 chains in August:
Galaxy Chain (public chain for serving the token transactions of Cryptogalaxy) and Zeepin Chain (consortium chain) that will handle digital assets. Zeepin is developing their mainnet in partnership with Ontology.

On June 19, Zeepin was in Singapore for its second stop of the Zeepin Global Meetup Tour. Themed as “Design of Business, Business of Design on Blockchain,” the event welcomed senior researchers, designers, creatives, project partners of the blockchain industry as well as some media companies to explore this topic together.

Zeepin meetup Singapore

Zeepin Meetup, Singapore

Guest speakers shared their thoughts on how creative industries can benefit from blockchain technology, and discussed with community members upon efficient solutions accessible to creatives in the future.

The next stops will be Hangzhou and Chengdu, scheduled on June 30 and July 7.