Congratulations to 10 Winners at Smart Awards Asia 2016

Congratulations to 10 Winners at Smart Awards Asia 2016

by April 21, 2016

Ten winners were announced at Smart Awards Asia 2016. The ceremony took place during the gala dinner on Wednesday, 20 April 2016.

SILVERLEAP – Best B2C Payments Initiative

Founded: 2009 – Head Quarters: HongKong

silverleaptech | Smart Awards Asia 2016 | Fintechnews

Silverleap is a globally operating provider of disruptive technologies and services, designed to accelerate the worldwide adoption of mobile NFC payment solutions.

XAAVAN – Best B2B Payments Initiative

Founded: 2005 –Head Quarters: Singapore

xaavan | Smart Awards Asia 2016 | Fintechnews sg

Xaavan, a proprietary solution of MC Payment, is the first MasterCard certified Level 3 enhanced data processing solution in Asia.

Founded in Singapore since 2005, MC Payment is both a payment technology and merchant service company who supports the end-to-end value-chain of commerce transaction, ranging from suppliers, merchants to consumer payments.

Understanding the complexity of this regional payment landscape, MC Payment has become that bridge which facilitates commerce transactions across the regions, with payment acceptance ranging from credit, debit, to locally preferred alternative payments, while serving regional merchants and financial institutions alike.

FASTACASH – Best P2P Payments Initiative

Founded: 2012 –Head Quarters: Singapore


The only social payments platform that enables transfer of any type of value across any social or messaging channel, without any barrier.

Fastacash currently powers businesses in 5 international markets. Their partners include banks, remittance companies, mobile payment platforms, mobile wallet services, payment service providers, mobile network operators and social networks.

Omni DBS – Best Mobile Banking Application

Launched: 2016 –Head Quarters: HongKong

dbs_omni | Smart Awards Asia 2016 | FinTechnews SG

DBS Omni is a brand new card companion mobile app platform. With its innovative and brand new features, DBS cardholders can manage and access their daily cards related transactions at a glance.

HID – Best Use of Biometrics in a Commercial Setting

Launched: 2001 – Compny: HID –Head Quarters: US

Lumidigm by HID Global | Smart Award Asia 2016 | Fintechnews Sg

Lumidigm® biometric authentication solutions from HID Global bring multispectral imaging technology to any identity application where knowing “who” matters. Renowned industry-wide for superior biometric performance, Lumidigm® fingerprint sensors are used to authenticate bank customers at ATMs, secure busy international borders, prevent ticket fraud at entertainment facilities, and ensure public goods and services reach the intended recipients.

Being able to know with certainty who is transacting is an essential part of a complete authentication solution. Biometric authentication from HID Global offers this assurance with secure, convenient and reliable solutions. Performance matters! See what we have to offer.

THINKANDGO-NFC – Best Use of In-Store Technology

Launched: 2010 –Head Quarters: France


Think&Go revolutionise Consumer Journeys using Screens and contactless objects (cards, phones, passports, …) leveraging NFC or BLE technologies. Think&Go has invented Connected Screens (2 patents, and multiple awards), allowing consumers to engage with the screen by interacting and exchanging information between pictures and cards, phones, or watches, in less than a second. Usages are Marketing, Service distribution, or direct Payment on screen, paving the way to Street E-Commerce.

TACKTHIS!™ Best E-Commerce Technology Provider

Launched: 2010 – Company: Voyayer Innovations –Head Quarters: Singapore

Tackthis! | Smart Awards Asia 2016 | Fintehcnews sg

TackThis!™ is a product of Takatack Technologies Pte Ltd. This is an effective e-retail solution with social commerce capabilities that empowers individuals and businesses to sell across web, social media and mobile. Individuals and businesses partner with TackThis!™ to enable social shopping experiences for customers across social networks such as Facebook, LiveJournal and your websites. Setup an online store with TackThis!™ and leverage on social media to optimize sales.

TAPP MARKET – Best New E-Commerce Merchant

Launched: 2015 in Indonesia and 2016 in Philipines – Company: Tapp Commerce – Head Quarters: FinLand

Tapp Market | Smart Awards Asia 2016 | fintechnews sg

Mobile buying and selling simplified and open to all. Tapp Market allows users to quickly and safely buy products and services with cash, or earn money by selling them in users’ community.

LENDING SMART – Best New Fintech Startup

Launched: 2015 –Head Quarters: India

SMART lending | Smart Awards Asia 2016 | Fintechnews sg

SmartLending is India’s leading free online lending platform, connecting borrowers & investors. It is an online lending marketplace where investors and borrowers can register for free and interact amongst themselves to finalize loan related transactions. Launched in 2015, the website is an initiative of two Finance and Technology professionals.

Land Bank – Asian Bank of the Year

Act as Governmental Financial Institution – Head Quarters: Philipines

Landbank | Smart Awards Asia 2016

The Land Bank of the Philippines is a government financial institution that strikes a balance in fulfilling its social mandate of promoting countryside development while remaining financially viable. Currently, Land Bank offers 7 e-banking products, including: iAccess – Retail Internet Banking, LANDBANK Phone AccesseMDS – Internet Banking for Government, i-Easy Padala – Overseas Pinoy Banking, eTPS – BIR Electronic Payments, weAccess -Corporate Banking, LANDBANK ePP.

Numoni – Best Individual Contribution to Financial Inclusion

Found: 2012 – Head Quarters: Singapore

numoni | Smart Awards Asia 2016

In January 2012, Numoni was formed in Singapore to bring financial inclusion to the underbanked with its Cash-In Cash-Out solution.  Numoni created and developed the user-friendly Cash-Transaction terminal – NUGEN – to empower the underbanked community with e-transactions. In 2014, Numoni set up offices in Indonesia, Malaysia, Hong Kong and has acquired a thrift bank, known as Maxbank, in Philippines.

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