WAITRR Shakes Hands with UQPAY

WAITRR Shakes Hands with UQPAY

by August 6, 2018

Recently, UQPAY went into a strategic collaboration with WAITRR, Singapore’s largest O2O mobile ordering platform. Based on its robust portfolio, innovative development and fusion technology, UQPAY providesWAITRR with comprehensive payment solutions.

WAITRR, a dark horse in Singapore’s mobile ordering industry


As a mobile ordering platform, WAITRR is committed using new technologies to improve the operation efficiency of F&B industry, to reduce the cost of operation, and to promote the development of the digitization of F&B industry.

Currently,WAITRR has 170 merchants. WAITRR not only improves the service efficiency for restaurant partners and significantly reduces the labor costs, it also brings convenient mobile ordering experience, as well as loyalty and rewards programs for customers. WAITRR has realized the win-win coexistence between increasing restaurant partners’ benefits and facilitating the customers.


uqpayFrom domestic payments to cross-border payments, from mobile payments to full-scenario online-and-offline payment ecosystem, the changes in payment industry force UQPAY to become more innovative. UQPAY always focuses on the research and development of global payment solutions, its high-efficient operational capacity ensures the full-process integration of cross-border payment and global acquiring. UQPAY’s mission is to help enterprises connect to the world and push forward the development of global payment.

UQPAYprovides customized payment solutionsfor the merchant by adapting to the different payment scenarios, for example, providesan online-and-offlinepayment solution for WAITRR.UQPAY supports more than 300 payment methods and focuses on providing merchants with one-stop global acquiring services, including UnionPay /VISA/MasterCard/AMEX /Diners/JCB/overseas local payments /crypto currencies payments.

 How UQPAY and WAITRR work together

AccessingWAITRR’s current situation, usage scenarioand user habits, UQPAYsets up a three-step plan in its cooperation with WAITRR. According to the plan, UQPAY first puts forward mobile payment solutions, then expands offline business payment solutions, and finally establishes WAITRRpayment closed-loop ecosystem through integrating online and offline payment. Mobile payment solution is set to keep existing users and to improve user experience by optimizing the user interface. Offline business payment solution, whichmainly addresses the shortcomingof offline payment which transaction information is usually not delivered.

On 20 November 2017, Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) start an initiative to unified QR code payment platform in Singapore. The unified QR code is named SGQR.UQPAY willintegrateSGQR payment transaction data withWAITRR merchant’s platform via UQPAY system, so as to enable the merchant to simultaneously monitor the transaction data of SGQR. Moreover, offline business payment solution (QR code) could be used as aninception point to attract customers from different payment APPs to becomeusers of WAITRR, hence, convert offline users to online users.

Through this cooperation, both parties will witness tremendous changes in their future market. For WAITRR, itsuser’s payment experience will be dramatically improved, its market share will be increased and it will become more competitive. On the other hand, this cooperation will promote the spread of UQPAY in Singapore’s local business community, enhance UQPAY’s reputation and will help UQPAY go further in cross-border payment and raise its brand awareness in the global market.

Featured Image via UQPay