How DeFi is Building a New Financial System

DeFi made its debut in 2019 and achieved huge user growth in blockchain industry.  Yet DeFi is still far from being widely accepted and therefore has great development potential. This article intends to help readers get acquainted with DeFi by

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UQPAY Launches SGQR Code Payment Services For Merchant

UQPAY has launched Singapore Quick Response Code (SGQR) payments for its merchants, combining its multiple existing payment QR codes in a single QR code. This latest initiative helps businesses to manage the different in-store cashless payment scheme more efficiently and

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WAITRR Shakes Hands with UQPAY

Recently, UQPAY went into a strategic collaboration with WAITRR, Singapore’s largest O2O mobile ordering platform. Based on its robust portfolio, innovative development and fusion technology, UQPAY providesWAITRR with comprehensive payment solutions. WAITRR, a dark horse in Singapore’s mobile ordering industry

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